Xiao Zhan another drama official announcement, looking forward to Xiao Zhan as the inspirational youth “Xiao Chunsheng”, focus on their own

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Today hair Baidu dynamic all XL, take time to sort out a long article to record the official announcement of xiao Zhan’s new play!Xiao Zhan’s new play “The Sea in my Dream” has finally been officially announced # Xiao Zhan xiao Chunsheng # Before the Internet constantly related information came, no matter good or bad, I never give eyes, adhere to follow the official, until the official announcement.Actor Xiao Zhan’s “Xiao Chunsheng” poster, era sense is very strong, a little ruffians ruffians handsome youth, that I was not born in the era, pure, blood, youth, inspirational story, think about that passion years, very fascinating!Nostalgia, classic, reappearance, do not forget…Time through the sense of always bring us a sense of mystery and unknown, this is a very worthy of looking forward to the TV play, and the strength of acting school young actor Xiao Zhan, for the role of control, recognition, deductive method, understanding ability, acting to conquer all viewers, are obvious to all.Xiao zhan’s choice is like a reassuring pill, I eat to death, absolute trust him.Hey hey.-) Looking forward to Xiao Zhan’s “Xiao Chunsheng”!️ auspicious snow good harvest, coincides with the beginning of xiao War this morning, shrimp shrimp sent over the goose feather snow call up, too beautiful, for southerners, snow is very beautiful and romantic things.I could not help but think of the scene of Xiao Zhan running and jumping in the snow “Ha ha ha snow……”How happy I am!Auspicious snow zhao good harvest ah, auspicious omen, congratulations on the start of xiao war!Applause!Small flying chivalry ya ya poem a gift to the new role of Xiao War “Xiao Chunsheng” – Rui Xue Yan Mei, Xiao Jun play xuan.Lean on the dream qi Pengcheng, cross the sea to the dragon Pool.Zhi Gao Sky, clean line of heaven.Ready and ready to start, the first phase of spring.Xiao Zhan official remind and official anti-counterfeiting focus on their own, cautious words and actions, do not look at Reuters and other unofficial materials, control their curiosity, beautiful waiting for Xiao Zhan to bring us new episodes and new roles, together with Xiao Zhan experience a different life!Don’t read any unofficial speech and video images, it is well known that network spots a false way emerge in endlessly, small-scale operations, we can do is closely to the official, do not give any look, do not waste our time and flow, let it alone, scampering around the higher the more fall, fell to the bottom ash out completely.Actually look on coldly, think they are funny and poor, only know xiao battle is no problem of enterprise struggle, in order to flow and malicious slander, come up with such a play, is really is low and false, ha ha ^_^ our eyes and hearts, as only the role of the civil war shaw, shaw other collaborators, give corresponding respect.Whatever Is chosen and decided by Xiao Zhan, we should fully support and understand without reservation.This is real life. He’s a man, not a god, and he doesn’t have the final say on many things. We just follow his steps and play it safe.The future will go farther and farther, higher and higher!Well, this record is over, I want to see Xiao Zhan gu Yye.Do the housework, wait patiently for more excellent works of Xiao Zhan!I wish Xiao Zhan and xiao Fei xia all the best and fortune rolling in!Alina poem with you, wonderful to share, to be continued