Grandma’s hands

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Before grandma died, I came back from Guangzhou to see her one last time.That morning, I sat beside grandma’s bed, quietly looking at lying on the bed of grandma, her face withered and thin has lost the past spirit.It’s so skinny. I feel sick inside.I gently called out in Hakka: “old lady”.Sick grandma heard, she slowly stretched out that thin left hand, want to touch my face.I saw this and grabbed her hand, gently put it on my face, let her feel my face.”It is my barbarian who has returned,” grandma murmured.”Auntie,” I sobbed.The hands in front of me reminded me of my childhood when my family was poor and I ate less meat, and I was often hungry.A team of fish pond years ago clear fish, hakka words is finished pond, because parents work outside, I am still small, grandma and busy at home, I see other children have fish to eat, especially have pond 鲺 to eat.I cried in front of grandma and wanted to eat fish.Grandma busy to appease me, said to catch fish in the pond.At this time, the fish pond basically finished catching fish, fish pond is no one, it is winter, the weather is cold.Grandma was more than 60 at that time, but she did not hesitate to go to the fish pond for her grandson.Grandma in the fish pond for a long time, there are no fish.Although I was small, but also know grandma in the fish pond to stay for a long time is not good for the body, busy Shouting: “Grandma come back, I don’t eat fish”!But grandma did not listen and continued to touch the fish.Also do not know is I have to eat fish food blessing, or grandma’s seriously touched the fish, grandma caught a pond 鲺.Acridine, I jumped up and cried.That night the pond 鲺 fish especially sweet, dream are floating fragrance.Also let me remember: grandma with her dexterous hands to mend old clothes.At the beginning I reject to wear other people’s old clothes, but the family is poor, and less to buy new clothes, I play, from time to time to ruin the pants.Grandma gave me clothes to wear to other people’s houses, but I refused.Grandma smiled and said to me, “Although this dress has been worn, it is still very new and comfortable to wear. I have mended the damaged places. Later, Grandma will buy you a board to eat (made of glutinous rice flour).”That’s how I accepted my hand-me-downs, and I was so happy.Grandma went to the neighbors to play, meet neighbors to delicious, she always bring back to me to eat.Once the neighbor steamed fat plate, not long out of the pot grandma with sleeves, quickly walked back to me to eat.Did not think of is, did not pay attention to fall on the road, the leg of the skin fell rotten.But grandma looked at me eat happy, or smiled, said he was not in the way of a little injury.Although the past has passed, but the heart has not forgotten, now looking at grandma sick like this, the in the mind is very sad.Grandma’s hands, hold up the home, let children and grandchildren understand what is love.Grandma’s love warms my heart!