Hot money big brother Zhao fry sunflower treasure book

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He is an ordinary small scattered, but step by step to 100 million capital to do 1 billion, 8 years to earn 10 thousand times.He is hot money big guy Zhao Lao ge, today to share seven of his trading experience and trading essence.Two board fixed faucet.One board too many possibilities, short term trading does not talk about value, does not talk about technology, just stories.If you have to fabricate technology, it depends on popularity, there is a story, there is a large amount of capital active ticket meat to eat, hot is the printing of money machine, leading thinking to do value investment, rather than pure speculation.There is a new subject, resolutely abandon the old subject.Not afraid of poor market, not afraid of poor popularity, afraid of subject matter.We can see the lithium battery concept before, and the industrial machine concept, once the emergence of new themes and market prospects, will bring money to buy, including the current digital currency.People with different methods should not look at and communicate with each other. The fewer the ideas, the simpler the model, the better.Follow the wind does not look, do not buy, do not analyze, the rise of the plate is decided by bibcock, bibcock rises all the time, the little younger brother of the plate just can rise, nature does not have to analyze other follow the wind.Only do the head, only master rise, only do inertia, do not reverse smoking, do not do fluctuations, diaosi to reverse attack.There is no main ascension faucet waiting, there is an opportunity.Adhere to the leader of the battle, there will be a reward, this is the execution.Many people say that their problem is that there is no unity of knowledge and action, but the fact is that they know but can not, they pretend to know what they don’t know.Big bibcock is often the result of multi-point resonance, subject matter, bibcock, technology are identified, chip demand exceeds supply, more and more speed up.The wrong transaction, the next day collection cut, the best effect, forget it, immediately into a new trading state.In fact, a lot of retail moves are enough, the lack is not the level of war, but the heart.If you want to grow your money quickly, these 7 rules must be well understood.