Nine best picture winners for the 2022 OS Oscars

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Movies are a way to dream, and people in every generation have a way of approaching movies.There’s a movie that hits the streets.The movie is like a flying carpet, which brings people to a new world in an instant. People are immersed in it and intoxicated by it.Because of the call of the movie dream, Ositis people cross the boundary to pursue the dream, online original interpretation of the universe’s strongest “ositis Oscar 2022”.Nine wonderful films are invited to enjoy!Witness the birth of the “Oscar for Best Actor, Actress and Director” at the 94th Academy Awards!Superheroes, not only the familiar Superman, Captain America, Iron Man, spider-man, etc., Osiers young actors Cao Guangyang, Xie Shuyu co-starred in a film with nothing to do with the Avengers League.02 “sudden vacation” journey to the west, one of the four classical masterpieces in China, sun wukong, pig eight quit, sand monk is classic roles, but who didn’t come tonight, tang’s monk is through ancient and modern, beating on the computer to add a class, stage a jade emperor as the director, the view sound elder sister as a special guest of the great epic of the sudden vacation.Green Snake, a tall and powerful white snake, meets xu Xian, who is suffering from eye disease, and Fa Hai, who is an artist. A romantic martial arts fighting fairy tale film White Snake Prequel begins.04 “masked singing” seems to be “irrelevant”, the sound behind is a handsome intimidating little brothers.In the spirit of embracing everything and daring to do anything, the cast of the Masked Singer took center stage at the Oscars.05 “A Chinese Ghost” have love moist woman, give a person different feeling.Even a ghost woman never stops looking for love.Of Ou Sai si produce “Beautiful girl haunter”, you guess, final final, graceful and graceful collect the minister is by delicate and delicate small qian take down, still be with wily millennium old bewitching grandma far fly high?Deep thinking superhuman, in the face of difficult choices, often thoughtful, take a step to see ten steps.For example, in order to solve the problem of food and clothing, we should not only follow the call of desire, but also be fearless and courageous.The superhuman precision of calculation, the rigour of thought is amazing.07 “Divine Condor Waifs” heard of Robinson Crusoe, have you heard of Yang Guo’s divine condor wandering?A big bird idea is quite much still, want to look for oneself best return home, come across the character such as east undefeated, Mei Chaofeng, tianshan tong Mu, Qiao Feng, return Yang Guo finally bosom.The King’s Choice In order to win the joy of the king, the courtiers try their best to sing and dance rap and flex their muscles.The final word, by the backing of the funding father Osith decision.In order to enhance the flow of customers and revive the former glory of Bellmen, the internal investigation business, its dancing girl show unique skills.Three “Yushu linfeng” beauty people show dance posture, staged a light show “agitate the future”, brand person’s disco, scene king fried!The 94th Academy Awards presented nine Oscar winners for best picture in 2022, and the 94th Academy Awards for Best Actor, Actress and Director.First Prize: Best Performance by a cast; Second prize: Best Performance by a cast; Second prize: Best Performance by a cast; Third prize: Best Performance by a Cast;Best Director Qian Zhiyu Happiness is always so short, is the most unforgettable.”Oscar night 2022″ has come to a close.Finally, Odysseus wishes you and your family a happy and prosperous Year of the Tiger.Happy New Year!