One Piece: BIG MOM is coming to an end

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Hello, everyone! Welcome to one Piece 1039 Comics: BIG MOM is Coming to an end. If you like this article, please give it a thumbs up!One Piece 1039 has been updated, and in this update, the title is “The Main actor,” and the whole story is almost luo, Kidd and BIG MOM’s battle scene, let’s take a look at it below.Began with the words and, over the kingdom of experience for a long time, tao help finally able to control the flame cloud, and the use of flame cloud pull ghost island, from one point of flowers all over, at this point, in the form of a dragon tao hearing a voice call, but there is no clear who is on call, probably as the main, after all, as the Lord is not free action,You need someone to give you an order to attack, so you need a peach to give you an order.Return to activity venue, in ROM, kidd release after awakening skills, Boyle was injured, and Jason kidd’s crew for this ecstasy, Boyle’s attack on ROM also said, compared with the external impact of metal attack, Boyle fear internal attack caused by the shock wave, then, aunt with soul soul the ability of the fruit, give the injured bone life, then the injury fully recover,Black lightning is released from the body.And Jason kidd, to carry on a conversation, said his own physical strength can only launch the final attack, the attack itself will never empty, for kidd assassin’s mace, launched after his attack, to beat the BIG MOM, subsequently, kidd launched a given magnetic moves again, will be BIG MOM in absorption tower, let the metal bull crashed again,But Dama flipped over, and the metal bull’s attack hit the tower, and Kidd couldn’t believe the power of Dama.Luo has launched the KROOM moves again, will KROOM wrapped his own sword, piercing Boyle again, different from the first two times, the long sword than expected, even through the castle, under the right into the ghost island and of the kingdom of the land, in preparing forms, BIG MOM directly with the forward the fist, beating the ROM,Told RON to let go of himself, but RON kept holding on.The shockwave triggered a powerful explosion that also worked for BIG MOM, who screamed in pain. Despite being attacked by Law, BIG MOM stood still and allowed Hormitz to attack Law.As Hormitz is about to strike, Rowe calls out to Kidd to do it, and Kidd finally plays his trump card, building a giant electromagnetic gun that takes aim at BIG MOM from the air. Kidd prepares to strike, and Rowe smiles confidently.BIG MOM doesn’t want to hide, but decides to accept Kidd’s attack. She thinks she can’t be defeated, and Kidd calls out that She will be defeated. Then the electromagnetic gun fires, the beam hits Her, and she falls to the ground again.The issue is open next week.Well, this issue is over here, thank you for your support, your support is xiaobian power!Picture source network, if there is infringement please inform to delete.Your favorite partner can leave a message to discuss, like, collect, pay attention to.Shall not be reproduced without permission, otherwise shall be corrected.Later will continue to update wonderful animation content!