Stone sweeping robot T8 suction upgrade from dust collection only dumps garbage 6 times a year

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On March 17, Stone Technology officially released a new generation of sweeping and dragging robot T8, the new cleaning technology and user experience comprehensive upgrade, Stone T8 has 4200Pa strong suction, 350mL large water tank, new RR Mason 9.0 algorithm system and other functions, and support automatic dust collection, only six times a year to dump garbage.Won the red Dot Design Award of 2022, bringing excellent cleaning experience.Stone sweeping robot T8 price for 2799 yuan, the new first hand price of 2299 yuan;The T8 intelligent dust collection version of the stone robot is priced at 3,599 yuan, and the initial price of the new one is 2,999 yuan.The product will be available for pre-sale on Taobao,, Suning, Douyin and other major e-commerce platforms at 10:00 on March 17.Whether the cleaning is clean or not is an important indicator to measure the basic experience of the sweeping robot. The stone sweeping robot T8, combined with the strong wind force of 4200Pa, can efficiently absorb the dust and debris attached to the gullies or carpets, making the cleaning efficiency become higher.Moreover, based on fluid mechanics, the ultra-short streamlined air duct is also designed. Compared with the previous generation of products, the air inlet area is increased to 5 times, the distance of the air duct is shorter, the suction loss is significantly reduced, and the air volume utilization rate and cleaning capacity are further improved.In order to pursue a better cleaning experience, Stone Technology breaks through the original structural design and adopts the structure design of four links. The floating structure of up and down + left and right can be more flexible to fit the ground, and can float flexibly with the road conditions on the ground in 3D, resulting in higher cleaning efficiency.Moreover, the main brush is made of TPU soft adhesive material, with Archimedes spiral design. When cleaning, the hair can move along the spiral texture of the main brush. Most of the hair can be directly sucked into the dust box by the fan, and a small part will go to the detachable storage bin on both sides of the main brush, which can be easily cleaned without tools.The exquisite structure of five lengths and five short brushes greatly reduces the cleaning resistance on the main brush compared with ordinary brushes. Especially when cleaning carpets, continuous high-frequency strokes can greatly improve the cleaning effect.Under normal circumstances, when cleaning the corner of the wall, the high-speed rotating side brush can sweep out the dust wool. When cleaning in a straight line, the side brush turns too fast, but it is easy to fly garbage.The stone T8 intelligent dynamic speed control side brush, through multi-sensor fusion judgment, only along the wall or around the furniture cleaning, fast rotation at 2.5 times the speed, a more intelligent solution to the wall cleaning problem.The stone sweeping robot T8 supports automatic dust collection. After cleaning, it will return to the charging base for automatic dust collection, so that users can reduce the cleaning frequency of the sweeping robot.And in view of the dust box is prone to “dead corner”, this time, the use of double fan dust collection design, in the dust box to form a double dimensional “small cyclone”, sweeping all corners, under 27000Pa super suction, quickly empty the dust box dust collection efficiency is higher.In addition, stone sweeping robot T8, with a new intelligent dust collection strategy, dynamically adjusts the wind pressure in the dust box, gives priority to stripping the dust flocculation precipitate on the filter screen, extends the life of the filter screen, and creatively realizes the grading cleaning of large and small particles to avoid congestion of dust collection air duct.The dust bag adopts the “4+1” composite material of “double-layer pre-separation anti-stick layer + double-layer micron filter melt-blown layer + antibacterial anti-mildew layer”, which not only can reach 99.5% of the filtering efficiency of dust, dust and other allergens, but also can ensure the antibacterial effect in the long-term use process.Dust in the dust bag, dust bucket always keep clean, dust bag automatically sealed when removed, the whole process does not dirty hands, do not contact the bacteria in the dust, very friendly to allergic people.RR Mason 9.0 algorithm system to enjoy intelligent new experience algorithm is the technical core of sweep and tow robot, it undertakes the important responsibility of path planning and complex environment calmly, while RR Mason algorithm is the core soft power of Stone technology, smart and intelligent technical strength to stimulate the cleaning performance of products.Stone Robot T8 adopts the new RR Mason 9.0 algorithm system and has completed 180 OTA iterations so far.Smarter than before, map building, planning, overcoming difficulties and other core indicators are upgraded again.Previous generations of products have always used the cleaning drawing mode, drawing is very dependent on the cleaning process, drawing time is relatively slow.The stone sweeping and dragging robot T8 has the function of quick map building, which can quickly complete the construction of room map without cleaning, and the speed of map building is 5-10 times higher than that of cleaning and map building mode.And the new shortcut command function, a series of commands can now be started with a button, like the daily zoning/selection sweep, just need a single setting, from which the robot can automatically complete one after another.RR Mason 9.0 has a new 3D map function. Roborock App has a built-in stereo scanning function. With the dToF lidar scanner on iPhone, it can output the house restoration model constructed by grid map and fit it with the LDS scanning robot map through fitting algorithm.A new generation of Matrix map was formed to construct the augmented reality experience of the scanning and dragging robot.RR Mason 9.0 also memorized and 3D rendered four maps at the same time, automatically loading corresponding maps when cleaning different floors of a duplex building.Smart stones are inseparable from sophisticated 14 sensors.Through LDS, ultrasonic radar, gyroscope, accelerometer, cliff detection and other sensors, real-time perception of home environment information, with the help of RR Mason 9.0 algorithm, stone can accurately identify easy to fall stairs cliff, easy to get stuck at the bottom of furniture in complex terrain, make more intelligent behavior decisions.The LDS is a key component in achieving accurate map positioning and path planning.Therefore, Stone independently developed LDS LiDar, which can stably scan 1800 anchor points per second and achieve 360° dynamic modeling. Not only is the stability of map construction very high, but also can realize LiDar obstacle avoidance, no matter the strong light during the day or the dark environment at night, it still takes its time to achieve efficient obstacle avoidance.Stone Technology (688169.SH) was listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of The Shanghai Stock Exchange in February 2020. Its sweeping robot products have a good reputation among users and rank in the forefront of the global sweeping robot industry.Stone sweeping robot adhere to the user experience as the center, in the pursuit of leading technology at the same time, with the ultimate product experience to liberate the hands of users.The new stone sweeping robot T8 is upgraded in the cleaning capacity and equipped with intelligent dust collection charging base, the ground cleaning becomes more convenient, so that users can enjoy the beautiful experience brought by scientific and technological innovation.In the future, Stone technology will continue to be committed to using technology to simplify the life of users, so that users can better enjoy the wonderful experience brought by science and technology.