Tangshan ice and snow sports, “slippery” new wonderful

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“Quick wipe!…Ha……”Zhou Zitong, a seventh-grade student, and her teammates are practicing their moves repeatedly at the land curling training ground of Xindaihe Junior High School in Leting County.”Participating in curling training and competitions cultivates children’s interest, improves their skills and exercises their ability to work together.”Liu Zheng, the deputy director of the school in charge of student training, introduced that Zhou Zitong and other students had only been in touch with land curling for more than a year. After careful guidance and active training, they soon became strong players in the school’s land curling training team.In the third municipal Ice and snow Games, zhou Zitong’s xindaihe Junior High School team performed well and won the first place in group B of land curling competition.October to December 2021, the city hosted the third annual ice and snow sports, divided into the youth group, the group of colleges and universities, the social group 3 group, set up the roller skating, pulley, ice hockey, skating (speed skating), curling curling (land), skiing, cross-country skiing, snow football 7 categories such as 57 events, number about 4000.With the approaching of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, tangshan is filled with the sound and laughter of participating in ice and snow sports. “Ice and snow caravans” loaded with ice and snow sports equipment will enter the countryside and campus, allowing the masses and students to enjoy the experience.The city and county ice and snow Sports Games, ice and snow League and other events were successfully held, attracting a large number of ice and snow sports fans to compete together.In the skating hall, in the hippie ski resort, more and more people walk on the ice and snow, fall in love with ice and snow, enjoy the happiness of ice and snow…In recent years, the city has fully implemented general Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instruction of “300 million people participating in ice and snow sports”, and has included serving the Beijing Winter Olympics and developing ice and snow sports in the annual CPC Committee Work Key Points and Government Work Report.A series of policy documents, including Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Snow and ice Sports in Tangshan city and Development Plan of Snow and ice Industry in Tangshan City (2019-2025), have been formulated and issued, providing strong policy support for promoting the popularization of snow and ice sports and building a strong snow and ice city.Up to now, 3.6 million people in the city have participated in ice and snow sports., ensuring to participate in the ice and snow sports facilities construction “place” in caofeidian area north of jidong oil field worker activity center, has a building area of 1500 square meters, the surface area of 800 square meters of gas film indoor skating center, the meters high roller skating club every Saturday afternoon caofeidian area youth team in the training.”In addition to receiving individual visitors, it also provides a skating training venue for school students and undertakes various ice competitions.”This area education sports bureau social sports center director Meng Weiqiang said.At present, the city and county indoor public skating halls have achieved “full coverage”. One standard skating hall with an ice area of 1,830 square meters has been built at the municipal level, and 14 counties (cities and districts) have built indoor public skating halls with an ice area of no less than 300 square meters.In 2021, it will invest 53 million yuan to build 3 indoor public skating halls in high-tech Zone, No. 4 Middle School of Lunan District and Kaiping Primary School.According to statistics, by the end of 2021, Zhuhai has built 17 outdoor skating rinks with an ice surface area of 170,000 square meters, 16 hip ski rinks with an area of 424,500 square meters, and 16 indoor skating rinks built in the city have all been open to the public, further meeting the needs of the masses on ice and snow.Primary and secondary schools in The city have carried out the activity of “Ice and snow Sports on campus” extensively, popularizing the knowledge of winter Olympics, the etiquette of watching the games, and the knowledge of ice and snow sports skills such as roller skating, pulley, curling and ice hockey in 1,577 primary and secondary schools in the city, leading 880,000 primary and secondary school students to participate in ice and snow sports.The number of indirect participants reached 2.4 million through “small hands holding big hands”.At present, the city has 11 characteristic schools for national youth ice and snow sports, and 29 educational demonstration schools for Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics. The torch of Tangshan ice and snow sports has been lit again and again in Yinyin campus.On December 30, 2021, the launching ceremony of the city’s campus ice and snow Carnival was held in Phoenix Middle School. The ice and snow sports, including gymnastics, pulleys, ice hockey and curling, were displayed one by one at the launching ceremony.Among them, ice sports, which includes the basic movements of six ice sports including speed skating, short track speed skating, figure skating, cross-country skiing, snowboarding and ski jumping, is particularly eye-catching.”We started the teaching of ice and snow sports exercises on December 15 and spread them across the school.”As the phoenix middle school is responsible for dance class of physical education teacher, Yang Shanshan received the task, with the fastest speed carefully prepared lessons, after the use of after-school time will be a number of students on behalf of the church, then use the big break to the whole school students professor.All of a sudden, ice and snow sports exercise became the most popular item among students in the school’s recess activities.In rural areas and communities, the popularization of ice and snow sports has been extended to the grassroots in a new form.”We used to be unfamiliar with snow and ice sports, but through the experience of this activity, we can feel the joy and novelty of snow and ice sports at our doorstep. Welcome the ‘ice and snow caravan’ to the community and countryside!”Song Changchun, a resident of Kaiping District, expressed his new expectations for participating in ice and snow sports.The “ice and snow Caravan” project features mobility and itinerant style, aiming to increase the attention of urban and rural people to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and participation in ice and snow sports.After the launch of the “ice and snow Caravan” project, ice and snow activities were extended wherever the “ice and snow caravan” drove, and mass ice and snow sports organizations were extended wherever they drove, which strongly promoted the development of mass ice and snow sports in depth.So far, the “ice and snow caravan” has brought 2.6 million people to experience various kinds of ice and snow sports, driving into 230 streets (towns and townships), 688 communities and 2,251 administrative villages, covering 43% of the city’s rural areas.Fangtang Ice and Snow Happy World is located in Fengnan District of our city. It is a fun snow resort for the public to play.In recent years, every snow and ice season, the city and the surrounding areas here to “play snow and ice” of tourists on an endless stream.According to half mu Square pond market manager Ai Youxin introduction, here the skating rink area of about 6,000 square meters, play snow area of about 60,000 square meters, with 150 meters of ultra-long snow, 4 snow making machine timely for the snow “snow”.Here, one after another, the fun and enjoyable ice and snow games shorten the distance between the public and the Winter Olympics, and enhance the public’s participation in ice and snow sports.During the New Year holiday in 2022 alone, the resort received more than 8,000 tourists.The city innovates working ideas and insists on the deep integration and integration of snow and ice sports and cultural tourism industry.Actively build jingdong ice-snow tourism leisure industry belt, qianan Jin Ling mine ecological park one ski resorts, luanhe river city mountain ski resort, ZunHua longshan ski resorts, abundant south half acre Fang Tang one ski resorts, south lake shadow play park theme season of ice and snow more than ice and snow tourism products line, implements the ice and snow and the fusion of tourism, culture and other industry development, and promote each other.It is understood that the total output value of snow and ice industry in Zhuhai is 1.898 billion yuan, and the added value is 866 million yuan, ranking the sixth and fourth in the province respectively.Source: Huanbo News network