Why feel a lot of people like shu Qi?

2022-05-29 0 By

Shu Qi is called the sex goddess of the entertainment industry and many people like her very much for two main reasons.First, there is acting.Shu Qi is definitely an actress with acting skills, as an actress over the years Shu Qi has created a lot of roles, each role let the audience never forget.An actor can depict the characters of thorough popular feeling, this is the success of the actor, shu qi has won many professional awards, this is a recognition of shu qi, she is very clear what you want, so shu qi is also in constant self-improvement, and I can feel shu qi’s intentions, an actor constantly breakthroughs, not much to change, the actor has a future.So shu qi is very good, everybody is definitely not in the shu qi’s appearance, I think is more of her strength, and appearance will eventually disappear over time but is a person’s inner will over time and precipitation, actress shu qi is a very rich experience, she likes other people call her actress rather than the star.Two, low-key.Shu Qi in the entertainment industry for many years almost no scandal, even if and her husband into the marriage hall are not announced to the outside world, Shu Qi feel marriage and feelings are a personal matter, do not need too much to the outside world.A low-key artist is actually more popular, do actress for many years Shu Qi is very clear about what they want, she does not need to rely on hype to attract attention.Shu Qi was a porn star when she made her debut in the early stage. I was impressed by one of her words: I will wear back the clothes I took off. This is shu Qi’s attitude and what she has always insisted on.In the performance, Shu Qi constantly strive to shape a better themselves, and in private Shu Qi is also trying to live, she is a work and life of the more open artist.Life is life, do not need to be linked with work, and many artists will attract attention through private life, but Shu Qi always feel that he is an actor or should use his works to speak, we can feel shu Qi’s low-key.