After returning from my trip to Tianjin, I would like to talk about my travel impressions of tianjin

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Tianjin is one of the four municipalities directly under the Central Government in China and the last municipality I have traveled to.As a close neighbor of the capital Beijing, Tianjin has an obvious disadvantage in tourism compared with Beijing. There are not many tourist attractions. However, as an old municipal government in China, Tianjin has its own characteristics and is a tourist city with distinctive characteristics.Tianjin travel for a few days, I use the pace to measure the city, although there is no deep understanding of Tianjin, but not a cursory view of the hearsay, the following to talk about my several tourist impression of Tianjin:As the largest industrial city in north China, Tianjin has an early urban development and profound cultural heritage. Even though its GDP ranking has fallen out of the top ten cities in China, Tianjin still can not be underestimated, especially its urban construction is still at the top level in China.Tianjin has a clean appearance, row after row of tall buildings, a modern sense of the city, and many European buildings in the old city, making the whole city look unique.Two, Tianjin night scene is very beautiful to see Tianjin night scene is the haihe River, rich landscape, bright lights, beautiful night scene, let people linger.The most representative building of tianjin night scene is tianjin Eye, which straddles haihe River. It is like a huge full moon and like a pearl, shining in the night sky.There are two ways to see the night view of Haihe River, one is to walk, and the other is to take a cruise ship. It is recommended to enjoy the night view of haihe River in Tianjin by cruise ship.Before I went to Tianjin, the delicacies of Tianjin stayed in Goubuli steamed stuffed bun and hemp flower on the 18th street.After coming to Tianjin, I found that Tianjin snacks are very rich, the famous street snack jianbing fruit actually comes from Tianjin, in addition to Tianjin Erduoyan fried cake, gaba vegetables, tea soup, wonton, fried braised son and many other snacks.Four, Tianjin people have a natural pride of Tianjin to travel to many cities in China, and local people chat, how many of them will blame their own city is not, in the face of outsiders praise also modest said not as good as you said.But the Tianjin people I have met, without exception, have a great sense of pride in Tianjin and are proud to live in Tianjin.Before I asked, they would take the initiative to introduce the history and culture of Tianjin and the tourist attractions worth visiting to me. When talking about Tianjin, they were full of pride, which made people admire the self-confidence of Tianjin people and their sincere love for the city.Five, the tianjin car had no traffic lights at a zebra crossing for pedestrians accustomed to the home side without traffic lights at a zebra crossing, the road traffic will take the initiative to stop comity pedestrian, but in tianjin, several times when there is no traffic light zebra crossing, the car will not face a zebra crossing on the road, just opened in the past.Seeing this, crossing the zebra crossing in Tianjin, I was looking at the near no car, just dare to cross the zebra crossing.I asked a taxi driver in Tianjin about this phenomenon. He explained to me that if there were many cars on the road, it would take a lot of time for everyone to bow down to pedestrians. Later, we all had a tacit understanding not to stop and bow down to pedestrians, and over time we got used to it.The above is my travel impression of Tianjin, if there is any deficiency, please criticize and correct.As a tourist who has been to Tianjin, what are your different tourist impressions of the city?