“Ground review line” East Lake review: The United States of China streamer overflow color bright lights to illuminate a better era

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In the first month to the New Year, every family lanterns.The fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival, also known as Shangyuan Festival, Yuan Xi, Lantern Festival.From the snow-covered north to the south of spring, from the city of lights to the villages where the moonlight is like silver, people eat yuanxiao, make lanterns, guess lantern riddles, dance lions, play dragon lanterns, men, women and children beaming with joy, the whole land of China celebrate.In hang red lanterns, high in steaming dumplings, the rich and colorful folk activities, in heartfelt smile, peaceful country and safe people blessing, one month, two joy of reunion, a better future expectations, such as the spring breeze, such as long, such as stars, germinal naturally, tender and romantic, quiet to circulate.Lantern Festival is a big stage of folk culture.On the night of the first full moon of the year, relatives and friends invite the full moon, burn lanterns and watch flames, guess lantern riddles and eat yuanxiao. There are also folk customs with local characteristics, such as walking on stilts, rowing land boats, praying for children, welcoming zigu, sending sky lanterns, stealing vegetables and swimming lanterns, which will push the Spring Festival celebration from the New Year’s Eve to a climax again.Eating yuanxiao symbolizes family reunion, harmony and beauty, and playing dragon lanterns for good weather and prosperity.Twisting yangko heart wide body chang, lion dance green flourishing.Shaanxi Xi ‘an child lamp blessing early born Lin son, Shandong Rongcheng pinch zodiac meaning grain abundance.The palace lanterns in Beijing, the Horse-riding lanterns in Guangdong, the ice lanterns in Harbin, the Zigong lanterns in Sichuan, the Qinhuai River in Nanjing, the Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai, the fire-tree and silver flowers that stay up all night, and the dazzling lights shine in the year ahead.The colorful folk customs of our 5,000-year great country inherit the common homesickness memory of the Chinese people and condense the eternal feelings of the Chinese people.The pursuit of peace and happiness, the cultivation of family and national love, ceaseless civilization code, the Chinese people in the annual traditional festival.As a New Year begins, everything looks new.The first month is Yuanyue, the ancients called night “xiao”.Yuanxiao is the night when the earth returns to spring and the last day of the Spring Festival.After this day, the festive atmosphere gradually fades, life slowly returns to normal, factories are in full swing, farmers are preparing for spring ploughing, students are going back to school, and the wanderers are going away from home.The sky is cloudy, the sea rises and falls, and there is a reunion.Reunion moments of small joy, light sentimental small separation, have become a beautiful Spring Festival unforgettable memories.Eat delicious home meal, make happy lanterns, put a good mood, good gear, go to the next mountain.”There are two ways in the world, live up to you.” Parting is for a better reunion next time.Since the choice of the distance, they only trials and hardships.Dream big and pursue your dreams, even if the road takes too long?Winter goes to spring, all things grow, a year’s plan depends on spring.Leveling the ground in spring, not worrying about time. “What you do in March and April, you’ll find out in August and September.””Life is full of labor, but also poetically inhabiting the land.”There is no shortage of poetry and romance in the Chinese dictionary.”Fire tree silver, star bridge iron lock open” is the datang changan brilliant romantic lights, “on the willow tip head, people about dusk” is Tokyo menghua language short love long romance, “dongfeng night put thousands of trees, they blow down, stars like rain” is ambitious and passionate romantic.The past thousands of years, the ancient Chinese youth bloom, interpretation of a new poetic and romantic warmth.The Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the Spring Festival, yuanxiao romantic encounter, athletes ten years dream of a sword to realize the competition, friendly and warm close the distance of all continents.Jiaolong explored the sea, heaven and sky. The Chinese people wrote the most beautiful poems in the vast universe.From an oasis of sihanba to hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge, from “area” central trains to hand in hand to the global disease resistance, boost world economic recovery, China, China power, China bear wisdom, such as bright stars, like the lights light up the night sky, tall beautiful romantic poem, in the new century are writing paint meimei and new picture of human civilization.When the north Mohe is still thousands of miles of ice, the South China Sea already spring is in the air, the east Pole Island rises the first rays of sunshine, tianshan snow lotus bloom against the wind, Hulun Buir prairie cattle and sheep everywhere, the Potala Palace holy and beautiful, the Great Beauty of China flowing colorful, youthful vitality shining.”Thousands of times in the search for him, the man is in, the lights dim”, through the festive joy of the ocean, continue to write the preface to the spring story, 1.4 billion hard-working and kind Chinese people, struggle for their dreams, struggle for happiness, will not live up to youth, embrace a better future, create a romantic and great new era!