Spring Festival closed miyun postman

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Postman Zhang Gechao has traveled 540,000 kilometers between mountains for 25 years. More than 700,000 pieces of mail have been delivered to the recipients safely and timely through his hands. This Spring Festival, he still stays on his post to deliver thoughts and blessings to the citizens.This Spring Festival, many people out of the country in response to the national call, choose “local Chinese New Year”, in order to pass the missing, many citizens choose to send each other New Year goods to send blessings, because, during the festival, some express enterprises shut down, the volume of postal business growth.”Now there is more mail and everyone is anxious to use it, so we try our best to sort it out quickly and deliver it to users in time.”Miyun post Kaoling branch postman Zhang Gechao said.After a morning of sorting, information scanning and typing, and checking recipient information by phone, Zhang Gechao set out from the express delivery point at 2:00 PM on time and began the delivery work according to the familiar route.Zhang gechao knew by heart how many times he had walked back and forth on this road. He had to slow down to avoid any twists and bumps.He is responsible for the delivery of 15 administrative villages in Gaoling town, from sihe village, Li Hazel Village, Datun…Tianzhuang, the farthest village, is a 50-kilometer round trip every day.Zhang says his job is much easier than before, and he saves a lot of energy by driving his “little green car” every day.Zhang Gechao, the Courier of Miyun Post’s Gaoling branch, said, “I started working in 1997 and have worked for 25 years now. I love this job very much. I used to ride a bicycle and run for more than three hours every day, but now I have changed to a car.Gaoling town has 2 communities and 21 administrative villages, under normal circumstances more than 300 pieces of delivery every day, but by the end of the online Festival of goods, the number of express gradually increased, express must be done that day to complete the delivery, otherwise once stranded, not only affect customers, but also directly affect the next day’s delivery work.Therefore, during the Spring Festival, the postmen of Gaoling town basically have to stick to their posts to ensure the smooth delivery of express mail.”Spring Festival is the busiest time for us every year. Although we give up the time to get together with our families, we can deliver the mail accurately to the hands of users. I think it is our responsibility as a postal worker.”Miyun post Kaoling branch postman Zhang Gechao said.Postal kaolin in miyun branch branch President yun-fei luo tells a reporter, “adhere to the people’s postal service purpose, for the people day all around the year 365 days, we will delivery for the individual work during the Spring Festival, including the mail delivery of import, import to receive mail, will be a round-the-clock service, service kaolin of villagers and residents of the village committee at all levels, enterprises.”We don’t close for Spring Festival and we don’t rest for Spring Festival.In the festival of universal celebration, postal workers like Zhang Gechao are still busy in the streets, towns and villages. Packages collected from all over the country are delivered to thousands of households by their hands, delivering not only ordinary mail, but also deep family ties and blessings.Photo by Cao Yue: Dynasty