Will represent Taipei in the preliminary round!Don’t prove themselves, Shougang 0 points Mr. Fear completely out of CBA

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In fact, From February 21 to March 1, The Chinese men’s Basketball team was supposed to play in the second window of the World Cup qualifiers, but due to various reasons, China did not choose to play, but Chinese Taipei, Australia and Japan in the same group will participate in the World Cup qualifiers.According to Taiwanese media reports, defender Zhou Yixiang, currently playing for Beijing Shougang, will also return to The Chinese Taipei national team for the World Cup preliminary match.If the CBA does start early (it was previously reported that it would start early on March 1), there’s a good chance zhou won’t be able to play in the third phase of shougang, but that’s not a big deal for Shougang as Zhou has been largely out of the rotation this season.Chou, 31, is known as the Lebron of Baodao. He joined the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) as the second overall pick in 2017, but instead of playing in Taiwan’s SBL, he has become a 3D player in an unfamiliar environment.Although he didn’t get much opportunity in tongxi in his rookie season, he was loaned to Xinjiang Men’s basketball team in his second season. Under the guidance of coach Adijiang, Zhou yixiang also scored 4.9 points, 1.5 rebounds and 1.2 assists in his career and hit 41% of his 3-point shots.In the front foot just hit after the price, shougang after the foot also throw olive branch for its, with Xi also finally chose to lend Zhou Yixiang to Shougang.Actually in the first season to shougang, kuang xiang is basically the same and orientation in the period of xinjiang also is the 3 d team role, in four games with the team in the playoffs, kuang xiang averaged 5 points and 3.3 rebounds, 3.5 assists, is relying on the excellent performance, makes him, after the end of the season by shougang from the sunrise hands thoroughly buyout,He was signed to a multi-year contract, but the result was that Chou, who had no intention of renewing his contract, began to fall apart last season, with little appetite for offense and a lack of aggressiveness on defense that had kept him mostly out of yanis’ rotation.The first stage of the season, but yanni, also have the chance to show kuang xiang to continue their, don’t be a man, he in seven games to play, actually has not been a points, up to now, he came to 6.3 minutes of playing time, averaging only 0 points and 0.6 rebounds, 0.9 assists, and this time to return to the Chinese Taipei team,Kuang xiang also hope that with the state of the World Cup I find myself, if successfully to prove himself, so he also have the opportunity to continue to survive in the CBA, but if unfortunate in the national team is like the club to prayer, shougang may really want to consider to buy out his contract in advance, let him come back to Taiwan league.