Yao an: The weather gradually cleared most areas of the county will appear frost weather

2022-05-30 0 By

Today is the seventh day of Chinese New Year, the first day of work after the New Year. For many yao ‘an people, the Spring Festival is not only lively, but also cold.In addition to the continuous rainy weather, some of the higher elevations also saw snow and sleet.From January 31 to February 6, Yao ‘an county was dominated by cold and rainy weather, with the lowest temperature of -3.9 degrees Celsius and the maximum wind speed of 17.3 meters per second.Yao ‘an County meteorological Bureau deputy director Liu Yongming introduced: recently, due to the influence of the south trough weather system, our county has two cooling precipitation weather process, mainly with cold and light rain weather.Hail and graupel in some areas, snow or sleet in high mountains and high elevations.Yao ‘an County Meteorological Bureau has issued a blue warning signal on February 6 for frost after rain and snow.By noon today, the county weather has cleared up, the meteorological department reminded, is the crop low temperature sensitive period, to be prepared to prevent frost.Special attention should be paid to the fact that from night to early morning, due to the low temperature, radiation cooling is prone to frost, and there may be fog and ice on mountain roads. Transportation departments should timely manage road traffic safety.It is understood that Yao ‘an County in recent years in January precipitation generally controlled at 10-20 mm, due to the influence of the southern trough weather system this year, as of 20 o ‘clock on February 6, the cumulative rainfall of the county was 40.1 mm, 29.7 mm more than the same period in 2021 compared to 10.4 mm, 27.2 mm more than the average of 14.9 mm.Accumulated rainfall was the highest in five years.According to the weather forecast, the low temperature frost in Yao ‘an county will last for about a week, covering all the towns and villages in the county.In the coming week, temperatures across the county will remain around 0-18 degrees.Was the weather bureau deputy director liu ym said: next meteorological department will give top priority to service work, in accordance with the “monitoring precision and prediction precision, fine service” requirements, strictly implement “linkage” outside the response within the working mechanism, strengthen the emergency linkage and following the relevant departments, to do a good job of meteorological service in 2022, boost development of the county agricultural industry.All media reporter: Chen Xiaojiao, Shang Zukun, Editor: He Xiang, Editor: Yu Jiang, Editor: Wang Jinfeng, Supervisor: Bu Chunjin, source: Yao ‘an Rong Media Center