A sudden!The lakers announced their latest decision, a blessing in disguise, as the 6+5 center refused to join lebron James

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Martin’s game status is questionable, oladipo has no fixed timetable for his return, and Derrick Rose is confident he will be back for the NBA’s game against the Miami Heat on Tuesday, Spo said.Just now, the Los Angeles Lakers announced that Anthony Davis was a blessing in disguise, Tristan Thompson refused to coach lebron James, and pelinka ruined everything.That’s what Ramona Shelburne said during an appearance on the first show about the Los Angeles Lakers’ roster for next season.Owner Jeanie Buss won’t make any changes for lebron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook unless they make the team better.It’s important to note that the lakers’ starting lineup won’t change much, with more low-salary players staying or leaving, and this year’s core roster could be next season’s.It’s worth noting that there was also new news about Anthony Davis’ injury.Davis is expected to miss up to two weeks with a sprained right ankle, a blessing in disguise for the all-star game and a week off that won’t delay the team’s battle for records.With the Lakers in 2021-22, Davis averaged 23.1 points, 9.7 rebounds and 2.9 assists in 37 regular-season games, and his health is a priority for General manager Rob Pelinka.To know in addition to Davis has a message, the lakers management the signings of stalled again, because before the trade deadline, without any operation, they will look in the buy-out market, and Tristan Thompson will be walkers direct buy, after 48 hours to clarify issue, he chose to join the Chicago bulls, and not the Los Angeles lakers, refused to James teamed up again.Thompson, who averaged 6.2 points and 5.4 rebounds during the regular season, was a disappointing choice for the lakers because he was the best backup for Davis.Now the Los Angeles Lakers have announced that they won’t make any changes this season unless it’s good for the team to make a big trade or give away a draft pick and pay a hefty luxury tax.In contrast, Anthony Davis was a blessing in disguise, missing two weeks with a sprained ankle, just in time for the All-Star break, and having a week off won’t hurt his record.What’s frustrating for James is that Tristan Thompson doesn’t want to join forces again, not because of the former, but because the lakers are too messy to get involved.