Be careful that your information gets out and others take advantage of it

2022-05-31 0 By

One of my neighbors, these days in tears, she accidentally gave personal information to others, did not think so much of her, was blindfolded by the cheap eggs of others, stained with small cheap to eat a big loss, hard to get the monthly pension of more than 100 to cheat away.With the help of the police, even though it was returned to its rightful owner, it still left a shadow on her.I’m afraid it’s too late for me.In the era of knowledge economy, information is expanding and exploding at an unprecedented speed.It’s scary to think that one’s every move is in the control of others, which is really a little embarrassing trouble.You’re too scared to move, you’re already there, because your movements are known, and your phone gives you away.Network chat, wechat has a cloud recording function, that is, if you are careless, as long as you have some thoughts, some actions, she will be copied for you unchanged, stay.Some people think that their actions can be called riches and honour in the risk, unnoticed, audacious, wechat is clearly recorded.Even if you delete it at any time, your wechat is also specially recorded. When you check your results, you can completely reveal your true colors.Big data analysis shows that a person’s actions are secret, so that some people with strong anti-detection ability do not need wechat to record personal information.If someone wants to know about your actions, wechat will give you a single knot, the details of wechat will be your personal information, every move and a static understanding recorded crystal clear.At this point, you’re a joke a naked specimen.If a person is like this, if a country is like this, and its core technology is mastered by others, and it exposes itself completely, the fate of this country is worth worrying about, and there is trouble to worry about.Big data gives us a lot of convenience, but also gives others the opportunity to take advantage of.Let some people with ulterior motives take full advantage of it.The list of tragedies we know is endless.The Internet learns a lot about you by making information accessible.If you want to know what you’re doing, you can. Bring me the money, and I’ll tell you everything, in detail, in plain and simple.Now the network is so developed, some people with ulterior motives, is to use your kindness, your inattention, to understand your life and work, and then steal your action track, to understand your action password.Convenient at the same time, waste your flow, earn a bit of money you are not easy to fight for.In any case, it is someone else’s, let me become fish.Remember a joke, the so-called second aunt to take money.Now if some people want to seek your interests, he regardless of recklessly, through your carelessness, on the network, with no what shout, when you unknowingly, has pulled you into the list, it became someone else’s chopping block meat.After all, the Chinese New Year is coming. We should be more careful.Avoid some unnecessary trouble!