Exceed expectations: Rules to help you earn a raise and promotion in 2022

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At the beginning of the New Year, have you made many plans for yourself, arranged many studies, prepared many trips?People always say: a year’s plan lies in spring.Do you want to get ready for the start of spring?I recommend exceeding Expectations: Yitaro Matsuura’s Business Principles for Life. It’s not a long book, but a concise guide that will give you wings in the New Year to get where you want to get that promotion.Matsuura Yitaro is a popular author. In his book “100 Basics: Matsuura Yitaro’s Life Creed” published in 2014, a short list of 100 proverbs has become the life creed of many people. By referring to his creed, many people have led a better life.”Beyond Expectations” is another classic for him in 2022.Matsuura dropped out of high school at 17 and worked as a coffee shop clerk, mover, flier, cleaner and even a construction worker before becoming known for editing books, running a company and writing.”Beyond Expectations” is a book by Yataro Matsuura, from the perspective of businessmen, explaining how employees, managers and businessmen can better fulfill their own jobs.As ordinary people, we can learn from this book in three ways that will help us earn more money in 2022.Learn to brand yourself, Matsuura said.Self-branding isn’t about how you want to present yourself or how you want others to see you. It’s about making people like you and turning them into supporters.With the popularity of concepts such as big data push and meta-universe, we are swept into the flood of information by overwhelming information. Occupied by mobile phones and computers every day, we often forget to think about ourselves and can only repeat work step by step.Matsuura yitaro’s principle of self-branding may be the best way for us ordinary people to slowly move up the ladder.This is something that many successful people advocate.Akiha uncle said: create a personal brand is the fastest way is not red, but to help others more, if you do the hair heart of personal brand is for others to solve the problem, create value for others, the more people you help, the more people are willing to help you, finally the more you do, the more road more walk more wide, in the process of achievement others up yourself.Uncle Akiha and Yataro Matsuura happen to see eye to eye.Today, with the development of “we media”, many people start by “helping others” and finally fulfill themselves.Ms. English Sydney, graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong with a master’s degree in translation, became an English teacher in a well-known education company after graduation, and became a star teacher favored by students.The sudden outbreak put her out of a job.Later, she taught English for free every morning, which helped many children from ordinary families and was recognized and liked by many children and their parents.Now, she has built a personal brand and millions of people are learning English with her.Sydney teacher at the beginning of the free English teaching, must not have expected such a great result today.That’s because she started with a lot of people following and loving her, and then she built a personal brand and made herself.”I often ask myself: What kind of people can I help in this job?What can be done to help them?How can I make them happier?”The reason for this is that he was able to build it into a very large circulation magazine in Japan when he was editor-in-chief of “Life Post”.In 2022, whether you are an employee of a public institution, an employee of a company, or a freelancer, how far will you be from getting a promotion, a salary increase, and money if you treat yourself as a company, build your own brand, and polish your social value in your work?Remembering That Credit is The Foundation Yitaro Matsuura in Beyond Expectations says: What does it take to stay in business?What is more important than equipment and technology is credibility.As long as people believe that “there is no loss in buying your products,” “what you sell is always good,” and “there will be no problem as long as it is him,” there will be no problem in keeping the business going.In his book “100 Basics: Yitaro Matsuura’s Life Creed”, he also lists “credit” as one of them: the relationship between people is based on trust.Once you establish a relationship, maintain it and make it last.Therefore, credit for a person, extremely important, do not sacrifice their credit because of a little interest, outweighs the loss.In many people’s minds, Yu minhong is the ceiling of “credit” in 2021.2021 is a difficult year for New Oriental, with its market value shrinking by 90%. Under the “double reduction” policy, training business cannot be carried out.However, Yu Minhong did not fall down. He closed the school districts decorated with hundreds of millions of dollars, donated new desks and chairs to schools in mountainous areas, refunded students’ fees, and compensated employees, etc. We have to feel that the giant in the education and training industry has temporarily stopped, but he will continue to move forward.All these, Yu Minhong sticks to his bottom line as a businessman with “credit”.As Matsuura Yitaro said, “As long as it is him, there will be no problem.”Perhaps one day, when Yu minhong is selling agricultural products with his employees, we will think of this sentence and follow him without hesitation.Because his credit is the best endorsement.As employees and social people, credit is a promise between others.For the boss, what employees say about when to submit a proposal, how much sales they’re going to achieve quarterly, how much they’re going to accomplish annually, these are all data.Once the employee says it, no matter how many problems and difficulties there are, try your best to achieve it.If you do, you’ll be a person of credit to your boss. Otherwise, no matter how well you say it, one broken promise could mean the next opportunity isn’t yours.In the New Year, attach importance to every word you have said and every promise you have made, will promotion, salary increase and money be far behind?Three, become special collaborators “active atmosphere of the people are there in a team, have to take care of others, there is also a matter of hard work, everyone have their own strengths, character team composed of different people can create unexpected good results”, pine PuMi aso knows the importance of cooperation, he believes that in addition to all things to have cooperation,It’s also important to be the partner with your own identity.A company or a unit is just like a huge machine, and we as employees, some people are conveyor belt, some people are gears, some people are screws.Even if we are a screw, it must be because we are there to support, that the machine can run properly.So, to maintain their own characteristics, give full play to their own characteristics, promotion, salary and money will be far behind?”Exceeding Expectations — Matsuura Yitaro’s Life Management Principles” this book not only has the content of the above three aspects, but also teaches us to do what we are good at, regardless of the advantages or disadvantages to remain confident, to the benefit of his thinking and so on.All in all, a good book to recommend.The book would not have resonated with me as much, or gained as much, had IT not been for so many years of twists and turns, setbacks and hopes.I believe this book can have a profound impact on many people’s 2022.Do the above three points, beyond the expectations of others, maybe a promotion, salary and money will be closer and closer to us!