Huangshi decoration | three rooms two Nordic log style, open a simple and happy life!

2022-05-31 0 By

Huangshi decoration circle to share today is a three room two hall northern Europe log style decoration case.To now, style of boreal Europe log, get the love of the public all the time actually, no matter how young, still be in old people, the warmth that likes place of boreal Europe style of log to bring, comfortable, simple effect.Compared to other styles, Nordic log style, more relaxed to the effect!Sitting room sofa is also the plain sofa that uses wood veneer to surround, undertake partial jump color with embrace pillow.Choose comfortable latex as sofa filler, at the same time consider the use of cloth sofa we choose the sofa can be disassembled and washed production technology.Restaurant table top is now popular rock plate, hard material with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to take care of the characteristics.Because the owner works, the study needs a longer desk to give consideration to both the desktop computer and have the area of notebook computer even at the same time. Considering that books are relatively more, the owner, as a medical practitioner, designed the bookcase that can accommodate more books to connect the office desk for easy access.Bedroom the bedroom is the place where everyone uses the most time. According to the owner’s preference, we also use furniture with wood color finish.Did not use the color with saturation tall, with the color that compares wen embellish can give a person quiet rest space.Second lie because second lie relative space is less than advocate lie, give attention to both things store content function then chose 1.5 meters of bed put apart space to do a clothes and hat ark.Are you also partial to Nordic log style decoration?Are you also looking for a suitable style design case?Then I hope this fits you!