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Hello, this is United Engines, a small auto media company teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.Happy New Year, everyone.I believe that everyone got this year’s year-end bonus during the Spring Festival, and received a lot of red envelopes.Everyone has their own plan for how to spend year-end bonuses and red envelopes.Many people consider buying a new car during this time to improve their daily travel conditions and quality of life.As we all know, every year around the New Year is the peak season to buy cars, manufacturers will also give a small New Year’s discount, it is a good time to buy cars.Cadillac CT4 Cadillac CT4 as the successor of THE ATS-L, the current market guide price is: 239,700 to 259,700 yuan.The CT4 is Cadillac’s most user-friendly mid-size sedan, and the CT4 still adopts the brand’s latest family-style design in terms of exterior appearance. The CLclair is supported by the dot-matrix chrome mode, which provides rich visual effects. As for the teary-eye daytime running lights, it is one of Cadillac’s most recognizable points.In terms of power, Cadillac CT4 is equipped with a 2.0t +8AT powertrain, with a maximum power of 174kW and a peak torque of 350N·m, under the condition that there is no rear-drive layout in the same class.Among the three models of Cadillac CT4 sold at present, the most recommended model is the 28T luxury model. Compared with the fashion model, it adds practical configurations such as leather seats, interior atmosphere lights, BOSE sound and reversing image, which is the most practical model of Cadillac CT4.As a best-selling model of Toyota in the North American market, Toyota Asiatic Dragon entered the Chinese market in 2019. As a medium and large sedan with a higher level than Camry, the current market guide price of Toyota Asiatic Dragon is 193,800-283,800 yuan.When Toyota Asia Dragon is launched in 2019, the main importance is to make up for the vacancy of Toyota in the domestic medium and large sedans.As a blockbuster model under the TNGA architecture, Toyota Asia Dragon gives people a luxurious visual experience with its large smoky grille.In terms of power, Toyota Asialong and Camry provide consumers with three powertrains of 2.0L+CVT/2.5L+E-CVT/2.5L+8AT, with the maximum power of 131/154kW and peak torque of 210/221/250N·m.In the current Toyota Asia Dragon in the sale of 10 models, the most worthy of recommendation is 2.5L double engine luxury version, as the hybrid version of the entry model, in the configuration to meet the daily use of the case, reversing image, electric seat adjustment and rear seat down, can bring users higher car quality.Byd Hanhan as byd’s flagship sedan to be launched in 2020, the current market guide price of this car is 209,800 to 279,500 yuan.As the first model equipped with BYD blade battery, BYD Han has become one of the most popular models in the market at the beginning of its launch in 2020, which is also the beginning of byd’s electric technology explosion.Of course, in terms of the specific product strength of BYD Han, the car adopts the four-door coupe body design as a whole, with Dragon Face family design language, while taking into account the sense of advanced, there is also a strong sense of sport.In terms of power, BYD han provides consumers with PHEV and EV two sets of powertrain, PHEV version in 2.0t +DM hybrid system combination, the maximum power is 321kW, EV version can achieve 605/550/506km three kinds of mileage and the 550km version of the zero hundred acceleration is only 3.9s.At present, among the 6 models sold by BYD han, if you have higher performance requirements, you can choose PHEV version, and if you are more interested in pure electric models, you can choose super long endurance premium model.The above three products are recommended for New Year car purchase today. Please continue to pay attention to United Engine for more content.