(Short story) Chen Ergou one hundred history of rural entrepreneurship

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Enron came back from the town, the day just black, Chen ergou three people each take a fried note.When the car entered the school gate, Linlin and Lulu ran out from the dormitory, surrounded together, you one I one, concerned to ask enron have been injured and so on.Into Chen Ergou’s office, Enron deliberately in front of Lin Lin, Lulu and the big saint said, today thanks to you three leaders, otherwise, I can not necessarily escape safely.Then he put the noodles he was carrying on the tea table and sat in front of it.Chen two dog three people smiled, each took a fried pull note, began to eat up, while eating, while continuing to chat.After dinner, Chen Ergou let Qingfeng for a cup of tea, began to talk business.Lin Lin three people listen to secretary Ann and Chen Ergou they talk business, got up and left on an excuse.Enron said: the matter of the town’s police station has been registered investigation, early tomorrow morning, after breakfast, we go to the police station to do a record, the rest of the matter is the police station comrade’s matter, we can continue to do our business.Just now, when I was chatting with Lao Liu, he praised you and said that he would thank you face to face if he had the opportunity later.If possible, he will set an example by presenting your company with a good Samaritan award.What’s more, he asked me to ask you when the training class will start. He has counted out the number of people who are willing to attend the lectures and study, and there are more than 60 at your disposal.He wants you to arrange more classes, two or three. What he means is that you should try to make the classes as detailed and subdivided as possible, so that the audience can understand it as soon as they listen to it, rather than being confused, so that they can start to operate the basic things. Do you understand?Chen Ergou nodded and said: This is no problem, my plan is the third phase.The first class starts in early May.By the end of May, I want my brother Sam and Qingfeng to go to Yanliang and shoot two or three rounds of melon.One is that they have been learning knowledge related to e-commerce, honey delivery is a practice, try their hand, through this run in, found that there are still some problems to discuss, after all, this is on our site, they also need a delivery experience outside.So, Yan Liang melon words, I want to let them cooperate with each other, go to the origin of direct delivery, personal experience in the field of delivery, may encounter those problems, I am in the field anyway sent a lot of inferior goods, compared with delivery at the door, quite not easy.However, it is also the most exercise people, can grow up quickly, take up the big beam.So this time, I just want to test their abilities, where the ceiling is, what needs to be supplemented and learned.Yanliang melon is a round can not open the big product, melon taste is very good, coupled with thick skin easy to transport, we do this piece of e-commerce people, a single product every year, the profit is also considerable.I’ll try to start another issue when the melons are out of stock and our backwater peaches are not ripe.Of course, this issue depends on the effect and feedback after the end of the first phase.If it’s okay, I’ll work overtime and try to start classes as soon as possible.The third one is in autumn and winter, when people are not so busy.What do you think?Chen ergou said that finish, end up in front of a cup of tea, a drink.Finished, looked at three people.Wangshan smiled and said: No problem, I have confidence, through this hair honey, I can be experienced from beginning to end of the whole process of delivery, also finally understand you before we said a lot of theory, don’t you say, I feel my own some places to do is not in place, have to strengthen.Qingfeng nodded and said with emotion: To tell the truth, I was a little underestimating this matter. You told me before that you could not do it by yourself. I didn’t understand it at the beginning.More orders more people, less orders less people, in short, is to send out the goods on the line.Now I know, this process really need to cooperate with each other, each responsibility, responsible for the source of goods in charge of the source of goods, responsible for the site packaging, the quality control of a person, after-sales, customer service have to catch up in time, there must be a person like you so overview, the overall situation.Rest assured, through this hair honey, I also learned a lot, really tested out the shortcomings of both of us, and so we correct, when the hair melon to practice a good.Enron smiled and said: This is the practice of real knowledge, than simply listen to others tell you, much better.I’m going to say something I shouldn’t say, but since we’re familiar now, I can’t avoid it, and you two can listen to what you want or not.Finish finish, end up in front of the cup, gently sip, deliberately bought a secret, press not to say.Wang Shan and Qingfeng looked at Anran together. When she finished drinking tea, Qingfeng said with a smile: Secretary An, if you have anything to say, we are all ears.Wangshan also said, You say, let us prick up our ears to listen.Enron smiled and said, “Manager Chen’s arrangement, I hope you don’t have any complaints, or feel uncomfortable, because of the affection and face between him, hold it in your heart.Heart must not say, with what let us worked so hard to go to the field to deliver goods, you stay at home, sitting in front of the computer, telephone command us, earn money, it is not fair.Chen anyway so so arrange because he experienced in overseas shipments, know this thing is very test a person, very exercise person, can let a person grow up quickly, to let you go, not to say that he is lazy, the brief, a ship can smooth and fast forward on the right course, on at the helm of all eyes and vision.Sitting in front of the computer as a whole, and a variety of people to deal with, do a good job, not as easy as on-site delivery.So, you two need to work with him.This is an opportunity for the two of you.What do you think?Qingfeng chuckled, lit a cigarette for himself and said: That you underestimate me and my brother Shan, you say so, can only prove that you know enough about the relationship between us three.The ans sa what concern, resemble today this kind of 3 England battle lv Bu of matter, began from our high school.The three of us have a history, and that little thing you just said, little thoughts, things that don’t exist.Then he took a look at Chen ergou and Wang Shan, and all three smiled.Wang Shan said, Qingfeng is right. With the three of us, we don’t feel unfair because of our hard work. Your worry is unnecessary.There is a little qingfeng said wrong, today we three British reexhibition in those days, but the other side is not lv Bu, at best is Hua Xiong, I can cut him off a person.Then he laughed.Ran ran looked at the bandages in front of him and still chatted happily. Wang Shan, who felt no pain at all, grinned and pretended to be disgusted and disbelieving.Anyone could see the vague expression which only comes when two people are attracted to each other.Everyone finished laughing.Enron said seriously: Mr. Chen, alas, forget it, after getting familiar with you, I always feel awkward to call you Mr. Chen. In private occasions, I’d rather call you two dogs.Two dog arrangement, is the two of you when a general to cultivate, you two hurry up on the road, who knows what he has to do next big thing.Say that finish, three people look at Chen Ergou.Chen Ergou smiled and said: things to plot, speech to defeat, then you will know.Enron smiled and said: Hear!There must be a big action behind him, so you two have to be able to act alone as soon as possible, I do not ask about the specific, two dogs you said with backwater town, with wang Ma village there is no relationship.Say that finish, with a kind of sharp and probing eyes, want to see some useful information from Chen Ergou’s eyes.Chen Ergou looked at three people, sat up straight and said: That I say, this year I don’t want to go to big li, in our backwater town, the peach this product to do, and strive to sell all the peaches in our backwater town.If possible, sell the peaches in the next town to help our peach farmers make a profit.I heard old Liu said that for two years in a row, our peach farmers in backwater town did not make money through the peach garden, the peach farmers planting confidence hit a lot, last winter, there were a lot of people felled peach trees.The fruit industry of big li, do better than our side, the market is mature of much, many za is not much, less za is not much, people still sell.But za Huishui town is not the same, in addition to the traditional merchants, e-commerce is our one, peach farmers channel is too single, so peaches can not sell at a good price.Better to spend your energy on the people of Backwater than to be ignored in Big Lee.I’m sure the people of Backwater will love us if we sell peaches.Another, we can take root so smoothly in huishui town, thanks to the full support of the mayor Liu, but also free to our office, loading of the primary school, and pay to do training classes to us, and the various preferential support policies to us in the first time.That is, the e-commerce foundation of Huishui town is weak. Lao Liu just regards us as treasure and supports us as recklessly.I think it is time for us to repay Lao Liu for his understanding and support, and for his trust in us.If peaches sell well, let peach farmers make money, boost everyone’s morale and spirit, but also to get rid of the shadow hanging over everyone’s head for two consecutive years of losses down, it is best to stop everyone cutting peach trees.Cutting peach tree is the final compromise, if the tree fell, taoyuan did not, it will completely give up, lost morale, want to help up again, it is too difficult, like Sima Qian said that words, sorrow is greater than heart dead.Enron listen to the time, a dignified look at Chen Ergou, constantly nod, Chen Ergou’s words, through his real worry and anxiety, although said or to make money, but the words have naturally revealed Chen Ergou’s business conscience and vision pattern, also said that she has been worried about things.Enron earnest words, with a relieved tone said: two dogs, you can think so, so plan, I give you a praise.Do you know that before I came, from entering our county, the asphalt has been to the north, the road to the backwater town and the north mountain, red peach blossom in spring open, radiant, like a walk among the flowers, looking at big peach blossom, my head is full of the book of songs, the poems of tang poetry in the peach blossom, lines tao killings, beating its China.The son of the home, the appropriate home.Full of trees and charming red, ten thousand branches of Dan color burning spring.There are also thousands of peach leaves on the wall, and the wind is moving and the flowers are red Su Su.Green summer peaches the size of quail eggs, hidden behind green leaves, sway gently in the breeze.Especially out of the town, to a dam between this road, a peach garden connected.I heard from the people here that due to the high terrain in the north of Backwater town and the large temperature difference, the peaches grown here are not only big and beautiful in shape, but also the latest variety — breakthrough peach, so the taste is very unique. The hard taste is crisp and sweet, and the soft taste is juicy. The local people call it “one peach and two peaches”.I thought it was very popular, but when I came to work last year, I realized that such a good peach had been unsold for two consecutive years.Our wangma village also has a large area of farmland outside the first dam of qianshan Mountain, where peach trees and apple trees are planted.No matter peach or apple trees, they have not sold for two years and have not made any money.In Wangma village, some trees were cut down last year. I persuaded them to wait and see, while others were not. It was only six or seven years ago and the trees were cut down at a time when the fruit output was high.This spring, once I came back from the county, it was peach blossom in full bloom, along the way, I saw the peach blossom, not before I came to see the appearance, the farther north you go, you find the phenomenon of logging more serious.The original piece of connected taoyuan, peach blossom when the sea of flowers as prosperous lively scene has no, but here a piece, there a piece, sparse, with the head of the disease hair loss.You’re right. Many peach farmers are heartbroken by years of losses.We can’t blame peach farmers for this, but we’re not doing a good job.I was thinking of developing the tourist economy with these endless peach blossoms.Now it seems that I can only blame the pace is not fast enough, not able to come up with timely measures to stop loss, to help peach farmers slow down, as far as possible to reduce losses, and then try to find a way as soon as possible, my plan and strategy as soon as possible, so that peach farmers in time to turn losses into profits, there will not be this continuous cutting phenomenon.But I can’t. I can’t do it alone.Well, your decision has helped me a lot. As long as you can help me sell all the peaches in Backwater this year, so that the peach farmers can see hope and stop cutting trees, I can gradually implement my plan next year.You can rest assured that I have the relationship and help of my family in China Merchants Bureau, as well as the great help of the village secretary of Meiyang Town in Linzhen, the problem will not be too big, what I want now is time.As long as you can exchange time for me, I can promise now that I will allow you, Tianqi Agriculture Co., LTD., to participate in the next plan and project related to peaches. Let’s work together to realize our grand blueprint and help peach farmers to upgrade the industry as a whole.Let’s take everything into consideration, from the peach blossom, when it starts to show economic value, to the peach ripe, selling fresh fruit, processing canned peaches, peach wine, peach sauce, I want every peach to become money, put in the pocket of peach farmers, but also let us make money.When the time comes, we do not have to worry about peaches, only afraid that it is not enough, completely eliminate peach farmers heart can not sell the worry and worry.Of course, this is a very difficult and rare thing, need a lot of real money and silver investment, and energy to pay, I certainly can not, we cooperate, it is the best.You three and me, just like qingfeng just said you three time, now are also a life of friendship, cooperate with you, I rest assured.Chen two dogs three people listen to enron, Qingfeng said excitedly: that still have what to say, listen to two dogs and you, dry is, if the future is a tough battle, I and my mountain elder brother is the forward, first give you two wade out a bloody road.Wang Shan said: I have nothing to say, I think what you two say is right, do the right thing, don’t think so much, do it well.Chen Ergou looked at Enron in all seriousness and said: That is good, we will give you for this year’s time, you will return us a chance to earn money in the future.Rest assured, from now on, I will sell back to the water town peach on the agenda, began to start, step by step, solid down to do, for when the peach under the tree, do daily sales of thousands of single, let us backwater town peach farmers this year a bumper harvest.The four smiled and together lifted the teacups in front of them, touched them gently and drank them down.Put down the cup, we continued to chat, because the conversation was very speculative and cheerful, the atmosphere of like-minded people filled the room, the passion of young people was inspired, life began to become magnificent waves.Chen ergou began to eat fried after pulling a note, beautiful sleep plan, even to forget.Time passed quickly and soon it was past eleven o ‘clock at night.Then the four dispersed, and each went to bed in his own room.