The metro line 4 was opened within the year, and the first phase of line 8 and Line 15 were approved by the eia

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Qingdao metro Line 4 will open by the end of 2022.The first phase of line 15 and line 8 have been approved by the eia and will start construction within this year.Qingdao metro construction, one step a year.After the completion of line 1 by the end of 2021, the target is line 4 by 2022.Line 4 This is the first real east-west artery in Qingdao.The total length of the line is about 30 kilometers, connecting Shinan District, Shibei District and Laoshan District, connecting the area of Affiliated Hospital of Qing Dynasty Medical College, information City plate, long-distance passenger station plate, Anshan Road, Cuoboling, Fushanhou and other densely populated areas together.Then it goes straight to Mt. Laoshan.When the subway line 4 opens, it will interchange with five lines, including Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, Line 8, and Line 11.What do you think will benefit the most from the opening of line 4?I choose after the floating mountain.In addition, line 8 branch line, as a major benefit of Jiaozhou area, is more convenient for jiaozhou citizens’ travel and integration with the urban area, and contributes to the development of Shanghe Demonstration Zone.Line 15 runs from southeast to northwest. It starts at the intersection of Haikou Road and Yunling Road in Laoshan District and ends at Jiaodong Airport, forming a rapid rail transit corridor connecting Laoshan District, Licang District, Chengyang District, Jinmo District and Jiaozhou City in southeast and northwest directions.With a total length of 63.6 kilometers and 28 stations, Line 15 focuses on connecting the downtown area of Jimo with the downtown area.