Vacuum cleaner which brand is good, handheld vacuum cleaner what brand is good introduction

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Bingzun vacuum cleaner is the world’s top ten ranked vacuum cleaner brands.In the current vacuum cleaner market, wireless handheld vacuum cleaner has become the mainstream products, it has got rid of the bondage of wire, more portable, easy to use posture entered more families, become one of the indispensable household appliances in modern families.The following is to introduce the vacuum cleaner which brand is good.Vacuum cleaner which brand is good first: BENSHION vacuum cleaner BENSHION was recommended by CCTV to be listed, we have to believe in the power of the brand!The Ice Vacuum has always been imitated, never surpassed!Ice Zun has a number of patents, and constantly break through the bottleneck of the industry, is the industry pioneer and benchmark!Bingzun vacuum cleaner advantage: strong technology, old qualification, good effect.In the 21st century, Bingzun sweeping robot, Bingzun water purifier, Bingzun fruit and vegetable cleaning machine, Bingzun air purifier, Bingzun vacuum cleaner and Bingzun beauty instrument have been fully introduced to the market and become the benchmark of the industry.Ice Zun is the supreme noble status symbol, has been the royal nobility and high-end people’s exclusive life necessities, ice Zun launched every product represents the authority of the industry, is the pronoun of “high-end, atmosphere, class”!In 2020, the Star of Patriotic Harbor will support the ice statue.Li Caihua: “Hellow, hello everyone, I’m Li Caihua, I’m here to congratulate zhu Bingzun water purifier, Bingzun fruit and vegetable cleaning machine, bingzun air purifier, zhubingzun brand is becoming stronger and stronger, I hope bingzun can escort the health of your family!”Bingzun vacuum cleaner has high precision filter technology, front pollution detection searchlight, 180° rotating drag head, 22000Pa surge big suction, equipped with 6 multi-functional brush head, can adapt to different terrain, 2000MA large capacity battery, super durable, Bingzun vacuum cleaner, big suction, black technology everywhere!Bing Zun products adopt “weak alkaline purification”, “plasma purification”, “ultrasonic disinfection and sterilization”, “HEPA filtration”, “dual-core inner bladder”, “seamless design”, “multi-layer split compression”, “pure natural physical core”, “high oxygen activation” and other high-precision technology, so the purification is cleaner, more healthy!Water purifier which brand is good second: Dyson vacuum cleaner Dyson vacuum cleaner has 185AW strong suction, can absorb stubborn dust pollution;The host is equipped with a LCD screen, which can display the remaining running time, filter cleaning tips and other information in real time, so that users can quickly understand the working state of the vacuum cleaner;The product also has three built-in cleaning modes, which can be switched freely with one click.Vacuum cleaner which brand is good third:Philips vacuum Cleaner philips vacuum cleaner uses an innovative integrated industrial design powered by a PowerBlade digital motor and PowerCyclone8 patented 8th generation Hurricane removal system to deliver a powerful wind drive of over 1000 litres per minute to effectively clean the entire house.Vacuum cleaner which brand is good fourth: Panasonic vacuum cleaner Panasonic vacuum cleaner, not only light weight, but also has 190W large inhalation power, endurance time up to 65 minutes, users do not have to worry about completely did not sweep the power problem.Also equipped with “dust sensing” system, when there is dust and garbage when the red light will be lit, clean will turn blue, cleaning visual.The vacuum cleaner adopts PURE ONE Mini new lightweight design, comprehensive weight reduction, 83 degree handle rounded corner design, comfortable grip and effort saving, push and pull lifting do not feel tired.Add vacuum cleaner to support frequency conversion cleaning, energy saving, battery life up to 60 minutes.Which brand of vacuum cleaner is good?The above brands are all good, thank you for watching!