A sudden power outage at Taiwan’s high-speed railway station: Thousands of people were stranded when the cement tower collapsed

2022-06-01 0 By

Thousands of people were stranded at Zuoying station of Taiwan’s high-speed railway after a power failure Wednesday afternoon.Taiwan media also subsequently exposed the scene of the accident when the picture.The collapse of a cement tower at a Taiwan southeast cement plant at 3:40 p.m. Monday broke the main circuit of a high-speed railway, causing a power outage and crowding of railway platforms across Taiwan, China Times reported.Video shows workers using a crane to remove the concrete tower when the accident happened, but the next second the lower layer of the concrete tower suddenly cracked and fell backward, which then collapsed the crane and the high voltage tower next to it, instantly burst into flames.In this regard, the Kaohsiung city government has ordered the southeast cement plant to stop work immediately.Southeast Cement said there were no casualties.In response to the inconvenience caused to a large number of passengers, southeast Cement said it would re-evaluate the safety of the project to ensure the safety of subsequent demolition operations.Source: overseas network