Chapter 002, Nowhere to Go 3

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Seeing the surprised expressions on the faces of the two policemen, Dr. Wu ended the introduction as if satisfied and was about to move on to the next stage, when Officer Gao, who was good at reading people’s faces, said:”Never mind the problem, we really can’t solve it. Unless you remind him of who he is, can we police settle there? A prison or a jail?””You sent it. Who will solve it if you don’t?With respect to treatment also get family member to sign, he lived in ICU for 3 days, one day charge is more than 10,000, how does our hospital burden?The physical therapy may take a long time, and the cost is going to be astronomical, and there’s nothing we can do about it…Well, that’s really your problem, but judging from the injuries, it looks like he was hit hard on the back of the head, on the neck, causing amnesia, definitely hit on the head.Oneself a touch, that can touch so accurate?”Doctor Wu complained.”We checked, along the Luo River above six cities, no report ah…Oh, Dr. Wu, please don’t worry. Can you find some other information, such as his physical condition, speech and diet? Even if you have some information, at least you can give us a search area.”Ko Man Cheong Road.”Well, come with me…This is your major.”Dr. Wu stood up and said.Ordered a case history, the two police angrily followed doctor wu, crowded crowded elevator, through the team to grow the window of the dragon, entered the inpatient, from a side door on the second floor, in brain surgery ward in the hall, corridor, 220 room, doctor wu pushed the door and call a is infusion nurses, out freely asked: “how?””Or just say, I’m a soldier.”The nurse said.”Didn’t ask him what he wanted?Where do you want to go?”Dr. Wu asked.”He said he couldn’t remember.”The nurse said.Doctor Wu showed his hand and said: “That, this is the effect, completely unfamiliar environment his vigilance is very heavy, look, began to alert you……”Deng Yan noticed that the “patient” was staring at her with a complex, suspicious, wary, and, of course, more curious look.Gao Wenchang and Deng Yan cautiously toward him, three people depending on each other, the “patient” as if the fear, the quilt suo suo, Deng Yan noticed, the if not wearing a hospital gown, is a handsome boy, absolutely male god broad forehead high nose liang, square face contour like stone chisel, is very tough.”Soldier, do you know me?”Gao wenchang asked with a smile.The patient shook his head, as if unable to meet the uniform’s gaze.”You seem afraid of men in uniform?Can you tell me why?”Gao wenchang asked.”I don’t know why I’m afraid.I can’t remember.”The patient spoke, in perfect Mandarin.Upon hearing this, Deng Yan fell to the bottom of her heart, and her idea of defining the range from accent was probably going to fail. Gao Wenchang was also helpless when he met the universal phrase “I can’t remember”. He glances at Deng Yan, who asked aloud, “Do you have an impression on the people closest to you?For example, your parents, siblings…Or, for a handsome man like you, there must be a beautiful woman, a very intimate one, remember?”