How do you communicate safely and quickly?

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There are six types of security personnel: security practitioner, security researcher, security technician, section chief or manager, director or director, director or CIO.The ability to build consensus quickly is essential to having a good conversation with, and even to work with, these types of people.In order to build consensus, it is necessary to understand the cognitive differences between different people and the corresponding discourse system, and all of these need to understand the security cognitive model of “unified cognitive ring of cyberspace security”.If safe track theory is about dividing and pinpointing the earth by longitude and latitude, the unified cognitive loop model is like peeling an egg to show you the safe circle system.The whole security world can be divided into six relatively independent circles: security concept, threat technology and culture, security technology and culture, security enterprise and industry, security methodology and security practice.These six systems correspond to the six roles mentioned at the beginning. When we master the operation logic and discourse system of each layer system, we can quickly establish a consensus with corresponding professionals.To open the door of security, we must first contact the “security concept system”.You have to understand the basic concepts of information security, network security and cyberspace security before you can have a normal conversation with security professionals.The key to mastering this level is not to memorize a few nouns, but to understand the essence and meaning behind the concepts.After establishing the initial concept of security, we need to understand the attack-centered “threat technology and culture system” in order to have a normal conversation with those security researchers.At the same time, you will understand the evolution of threats and understand that only in the security field can there be so many books on threat techniques.One of the most popular phrases in the security community is “what you don’t know, what you don’t know,” so the next step is to look at the “security technology and culture system” centered on prevention.Not only does it allow us to communicate seamlessly with security technicians, such as programmers, product managers, and pre-sales specialists, but it also helps us quickly establish our career and life direction if we decide to move into security.The extension of safety technology and culture is “safety enterprise and industrial system”.Technology always becomes a product, and there will be relationships between companies, which converge into industries and form a pattern of competition and cooperation.This layer is the macro vision of the security industry, so it can move the director or CIO such senior decision makers, understand this layer, you can say “why choose you?”In the story.Security in China has completely evolved into 2B mode, and the biggest difference between it and the individual market is that there must be a “security methodology system”.This is the medium vision of the security industry, is the director or director of such middle level decision-makers pay more attention to the level.By understanding this, you can say “Why can you?”In the story.The purpose of the methodology is ultimately to provide the customer with a high value product or service, which requires an understanding of the “safety practice system”.This is the micro vision of the security industry, which is more likely to impress the chief of the section or managers of such grass-roots decision makers.By understanding this, you can say “How can you?In the story.Moreover, the essence of the future security business will be to tell a story about complex solutions that customers can trust, based on advanced methodologies and real-world business scenarios.