What do you do at home during winter vacation?This group of students in Hangzhou organized a meaningful activity

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Qianjiang Evening News · Hour news correspondent Wu Huihua, New Year’s words, lanterns and decorations, hangzhou epidemic special period, winter vacation at home what are students busy?Xiasha small 604 squadron love team organized a very meaningful activity – to change “clothes” quilts.”We have five students, team members are involved, the theme of this activity is to change quilt cover, here to introduce the record and experience of this activity!””Said Wang Jiawen, the team leader.The students said that this activity, not only exercise hands-on ability, but also let us understand a truth: everything should be experienced, to understand the meaning of labor, do something to help their families.Wang Jiawen: I often see my mother changing “clothes” for the quilts at home.This activity, finally let me have a chance to try, usually I just help my mother, but today I have to complete these small tasks alone.Say in the mind inexplicable still have a little little excitement!First, turn the quilt cover over, and then lay the quilt flat on the top, roll the four corners several times, and then fold into a rectangle, reach into the quilt, grasp the quilt, turn it out, and finally flatten it.This quilt will be successfully changed into “clothes”, this method is both practical and simple.After this time, I think quilt set said difficult, said simple and not simple, this skill I have to practice more, after all, practice makes perfect, I hope I can learn more life tips, more help my mother!Wang Jianan:Grandma before, I’ve seen a few times to change clothes quilt, always feel that I looked at my grandma’s every move this matter is very simple, but now the school assignments for this item “change clothes for the quilt”, I personally experienced the matter seems very simple things, but I felt very difficult, I went to get,If not grandma taught show me in patience, I really feel this is a very difficult thing, the Angle of a pull a pull, the Angle of a roll of a roll, I have a long time to put the clothes in good for him, it seems the original looks like a very simple thing, really trying to perhaps maybe I don’t succeed, through this thing I see.Grandma usually do housework hard, later I should help grandma more, let grandma a little easier.Han Jingyi: It’s a novelty for me to change the quilt cover. I usually see my mother holding the quilt and the quilt cover, so three times two times, a neat quilt is good.Every time I think it should be a simple thing to change the quilt cover, but after this practice let me know the difficulty of things.At first I think is very simple, I open the zipper, take out the cotton inside, when to come up with new bedding bag, put the cotton toward inside, always can’t let go in, four Angle is not neat, after put in, also is uneven, the moment I panic, all of a sudden feel difficult, finally my mother taught me again, will at last.After this incident, LET me know that everything is easy to do, all need to go through their own efforts to do things well.Chu Siqi: Before today, I always thought it was a matter of a moment, but today something happened that made me change my mind.I took the new cover off, thinking it wasn’t too difficult, but I had trouble changing the cover, and I zipped my little quilt cover down, and then I got the quilt out of it, but my strength was too small,It took me quite a while to get it out, but then I realized that putting a new duvet on it was the hardest part.Housework is not easy, either.’ ‘I wish I was sensible enough to help my family with housework.Liu Jingyan: before I see grandmother and mother change quilt cover when feel very simple, not be minute minute can fix?So I don’t want to do it because it’s so easy.Until the school said: winter vacation need to quilt change clothes, at that time I was secretly happy, thought so simple things can be done.But AFTER I began, I found that the quilt in my hand how also do not listen to, left pull not good, right pull or not good, the quilt is always piled together, and quilt cover can not overlap, at this time I do not know how to do, grandmother to help, in the grandmother patient guidance and help, yi, the original quilt or a little trick,First of all, a horn a tuck quilt in to overlap with four angles to be caught, you then need to seize the four angles to jilt straight, so it neatly and quilt cover up the stick together, the grandmother also kua I do well, my in the mind also very happy, at this time I also deeply realized, no matter what do all have no imagination of so simple,All need to learn to do better!This article is the original work of Qianjiang Evening News. Without permission, it is forbidden to reprint, copy, extract, rewrite and spread online, otherwise, the newspaper will pursue the legal responsibility of the infringer through judicial channels.