Yang Guang’s happy life haunted is a few a few sets?

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The Happy Life of Yang Guang is haunted by episodes 10, 11 and 12 of the third book.In the tenth episode, Yang Guang, who has been ignored by the police, comes up with a strange idea to build his reputation, only to be punished by his colleagues.A company warehouse haunted, company leaders to security team hired people to see the warehouse.Although Yang Guang took the job, but heard that the warehouse is haunted, psychological can not help but be afraid.Eleventh episode story: in order to embolden, Yang Guang find a sliver to help yourself to see the warehouse.The results came in the middle of the night ghost sound, two people scared out of their wits.In order to bet the company’s five thousand dollars, Yang Guang hard scalp to continue to work, in the evening, ghost sound appears again.Yang Guang plucked up courage to find the ghost of camouflage.This thought safe and sound Yang Guang and the sliver in the next night and found a strange phenomenon.The twelfth set story: saw the “ghost” of Yang Guang blade, around the origin of the ghost, but nothing.He called for help, but in vain.Yang Guang blade to find the shenwoman two aunts, the results of the ghost was frightened by the ghost.Finally Yang Guang bravely caught the so-called “ghost” and finished his work.The happy Life of Yang Guang 3 has a breakthrough point in both the performance of the actors and the presentation of the plot, making the audience laugh is also the purpose of the play.In the play, Yang Guang opened a vent bar, specialized to provide the recipient “vent”, Yang Guang also inevitably suffered a lot of injustice for this;Cops because of a chance to make a lot of money, also caused a funny story