After watching the average Japanese family’s three meals a day, I finally understand why there are no fat people in Japan

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Nowadays, the living conditions of every family are not bad, the diet nature is much richer than in the past, so, the figure nature also slowly “fruity” rise!However, Japan, which is also economically advanced, has the lowest obesity rate of any country!As the old saying goes: If you want a good figure, move your legs and shut up!The body is fattening, affirmation has great relation with eat!So, Lao Yu watched some of the average Japanese family’s three meals a day, to be honest, after watching, I finally understand why there are “no” fat people in Japan!Breakfast Japanese eating habits are really very different from us!For example, three meals a day, we pay attention to eat well in the morning, eat full at noon, eat less at night!But in Japan it is true to eat full in the morning, eat less at noon and eat well in the evening.The reason why there is such a dietary habit is that in Japan, only breakfast is the family reunion to eat together, so this meal is very important, and the most abundant!Breakfast in Japan is mainly composed of rice, sea fish, various pickled side dishes and soups.Lao Yu felt that their side dishes and Korean side dishes are similar, there are many kinds, but the amount of each plate is not much.Looks like very rich, but with this amount, old yu himself can also play two laps!But, have to deny, The Breakfast pattern of Japan is many, rich, and there are meat and vegetables, nutrition collocation is quite reasonable.In addition to rice, which has the highest amount of calories, the other calories are very low, and there is almost no food with oil or water on the table.Lunch in Japan, there are basically two ways of lunch, one is set meal, bento;The other is from home!But either way, the midday meal is not as caloric as the morning meal!Generally also by rice, fish, all kinds of pickles.Secondly, if it is packed lunch at home, generally sushi, pickles and fish or boiled shrimp.This kind of lunch looks delicate, nutrition collocation is good, but to be honest, calories are really not high!And this amount, give me a sense of the point, are seven full meal, this amount for the old, five is good!So, again, fat is related to eating.Dinner in Japan, dinner is rarely eaten together as a family, men after work, dinner is basically spent in a pub.So, family meals, basically for one person.Therefore, in terms of diet, the amount of dinner in ordinary Japanese families is not much, and the style of dinner is relatively simple.However, we have not found that in Japan, no matter brunch or lunch, every meal will have soup, every meal diet, almost there are few oily food!Many friends ask: Don’t they have tempura in Japan?Isn’t that fried food?In fact, in Japanese fried food, the batter on the outside is very thin, and after frying, the surface can not spill oil, even if you use a napkin to suck, the surface of the paper is clean.Therefore, the heat is kept extremely low.This is one of the main reasons why there are “no” fat people in Japan!Have you ever wondered why Japanese families can cook so many different meals?First of all, if you want to make delicate meals, you must set the plate beautifully, so a variety of small plates, small dishes, is not missing!If you want to eat every meal like this, you might as well prepare some of these utensils first.Secondly, it is not that Japanese friends cook fast, but that they prepare all kinds of food in advance.Whether pickles, fruits, side dishes, etc., are prepared in advance of a similar, clean sealed container.Finally, by category, stuff it all in the fridge!When eating like this, just pour a little bit of everything into the plate!The only trouble is that you have to wash a lot of cutlery for every meal. As for cooking, Lao Yu thinks it shouldn’t be tiring!Next, as a result of the way of this kind of food little oil, little salt, so, ability can have a figure to become fat very rarely!That’s all I want to share with you today. What do you think of this diet?Is there a saving grace?Let us know in the comments section!Finally, thank you for watching, thank you!