New Year relatives pay attention to more, go first aunt or aunt home?Remember the five traditional taboos of visiting relatives

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The Spring Festival is one of the most solemn traditional festivals in China, which has a long history. Before the coming of the festival, the migrant workers go back to their hometown one after another to feel the happiness and warmth of the festival.However, during the Spring Festival, there is also a tradition of visiting relatives, and it is a necessary tradition. From the second day of the New Year, people should go through the “seven aunts and eight aunts”.In fact, the New Year relatives is also about the order, especially aunt, aunt these two relatives, in the end pick up which one?Let’s take a look!Visiting relatives during the Spring Festival is one of the traditional customs. Relatives get together and wish each other everything in the New Year.In fact, the custom of visiting relatives is also exquisite.Legend, the old “year beast” cholera world, every Spring Festival comes when will come to the world to harm people and livestock.Until a mysterious old man appeared and taught us how to drive away “nian Beast”.First on New Year’s Eve this day set off firecrackers, lights, and then some meat on the door, afraid of light, afraid of sound, plus enough meat dishes, after eating will leave.When the people opened their doors in the morning, they found nian was far away. They rushed to tell each other, visiting relatives and friends to celebrate each other.As time passed, the custom of visiting relatives came into being.As early as in the Han Dynasty, the custom of paying New Year’s greetings appeared, and began to flourish in the Tang and Song dynasties.In the Song Dynasty, there was also the saying of “flying tie” to pay New Year’s greetings. “Flying tie” meant that there were too many relatives and friends to pay New Year’s greetings during the Spring Festival, so servants were sent to pay New Year’s greetings with “posts”.The post is 3 inches long and 2 inches wide, and is called “fei Post” because it records the recipient’s object of congratulation, home address and message.In order to load the “flying posts”, large families would put a “blessing bag” in front of the door, and the servants sent the flying posts directly placed in it.Now, during the Spring Festival, New Year’s cards, greetings and so on, in fact, and “fly” have the same wonderful.In the Qing Dynasty, the custom of paying New Year’s greetings gradually became complicated, with different ways of paying New Year’s greetings depending on social status, class and nationality.Low status every year to take the initiative to the status of high New Year, such as “coating people” need to the house in the main New Year.In the past, people brought flour, meat, wine, eggs, sugar, honey and so on.But now, the main purchase is a variety of milk drinks, biscuits, wine, health care products, fish, fruit and so on.02, the order of the New Year is also to pay attention to the order, the first day of the New Year can not go to relatives, but need to go to the family’s immediate family, mainly parents, grandparents, wish them a long and healthy life, the elders will give New Year’s money to the younger generation.From the beginning of the second day of the Chinese New Year, people will begin to visit relatives, usually “worship the father-in-law before uncle, uncle after” this saying.On the second day of the lunar New Year, the daughter and son-in-law’s family need to go to the in-laws’ home. They usually need to bring rich gifts, such as buying clothes, tobacco and alcohol, health care products and so on.Of course, the in-laws will also prepare sumptuous food and drinks at home for the arrival of their daughter and son-in-law.At this time, grandsons and granddaughters also pay New Year’s greetings to the in-laws, and then the old people send red envelopes and blessings.On the third day, it is usually to visit my uncle’s house. After all, if the child is not married, he will go to my uncle’s house on the second day of the New Year.Similarly, uncle will also prepare red envelopes for their children, hoping that their children will make progress in study and have a successful career.On the fourth day of the lunar New Year, you will go to your aunt and aunt’s home to pay a New Year’s visit. But some people are curious that they have aunts and aunts. Who should pay a New Year’s visit first?Young people on this issue is really confused, feel aunts and aunts are the same close, go to whichever home first.In fact, in the past, there were “uncles and Cousins” in rural areas.Uncle cousin, not close “statement, from this can be seen that aunt status naturally higher.This is also normal, aunt and father are sister or brother, while the mother’s home may be their own home, aunt more frequently, naturally more close to the nephew.Although my aunt and my mother were sisters, they went to their parents’ house more often and did not walk with each other very often, which weakened their relationship with their nephew.Therefore, after going to my uncle’s house, AND then to my aunt’s house, aunt’s house, so that the main relatives are basically worship again.Then until the fifteenth day of the first month, it is between friends and colleagues, and to these people’s home New Year’s visit, generally do not stay in the family dinner, usually greeting for a while will leave.What is the taboo?1, relatives must give gifts to relatives during the Spring Festival is not more than usual, pay attention to the “reciprocity of gifts”, so relatives must buy gifts.2, gifts are taboo gifts is on the one hand, but the choice of gifts is on the one hand, can send alcohol, tobacco, drinks, but can not send “clock”, send “umbrella”, send “pear”, and in the selection of gifts, as far as possible even, after all, good things in pairs.3, the time to agree in the New Year before the New Year, must be about the time in advance, after all, every family has a lot of friends and relatives, in order to avoid bumping together, should be agreed in advance, so that each other can also be good reception.4, dress to pay attention to before the New Year, also want to pay special attention to their own dress, taboo to wear white clothes, can wear festive clothes out.Of course, dress, suit and other formal clothes should not be worn.5, chat don’t expose scar communication between friends and relatives, even if there is no common topic, also can’t mention the unpleasant things that happened in the past, or the joy of the Spring Festival atmosphere will be destroyed.These are the customs and taboos of visiting relatives during the Spring Festival. What do you think?Is that how it works there?