Qianxinan prefecture carried out mass visits during the Spring Festival

2022-06-02 0 By

On January 28, the reporter learned from the rural revitalization headquarters of Qianxinan Prefecture that qianxinan prefecture made full use of the opportunity for migrant workers to return home during the Spring Festival to carry out mass visits during the normalization and institutionalization of the “Four by four standard” to further consolidate the foundation of poverty alleviation.This visit to in-depth understanding of qianxinan out of poverty is not stable, edge easy poverty households and that because of the cause caused by accidents due to serious difficulties in basic life family “three”, such as monitoring the living condition of people, master monitoring people in education, health care, housing and drinking water safety “3 + 1” security is strengthened to ascend,Willingness and demand in developing industries and post-holiday labor, helping to solve practical difficulties.At the same time, we will use the packing method to visit and check whether there are returnees from middle and high-risk areas, earnestly implement relevant provincial and prefectural regulations on epidemic prevention and control, check and resolve all kinds of social conflicts and disputes, and make every effort to maintain social harmony and stability during the Spring Festival.The visit is scheduled from January 28 to February 5, and it is planned to visit more than 13,800 households to achieve full coverage of “three categories” monitoring population in Qianxinan Prefecture.Guizhou Daily Sky eye news reporter Yang Wen editor Qian Xingxing Song Jie editor Chen Zuyu