Seasonal maintenance of the car tips please check

2022-06-02 0 By

Spring temperature warming, coupled with the previous winter car in order to keep warm usually closed doors lead to no ventilation in the car, the car is prone to air turbidity and dust accumulation, easy to lead to mold breeding.And spring rain and supermarkets, more conducive to the breeding of bacteria, so in spring to carry out a deep sterilization and dust removal work for the interior of the carriage is very necessary, so that the carriage to keep dry and clean is also conducive to the health of the driver and passenger.Paint protection environmental pollution is difficult to avoid, especially in the rainy season of urban cars, acid rain aggravates, acid components in the rain on the car paint surface corrosion, over time will cause damage to the paint.If the body has scratches more likely to cause rust, so should develop the habit of waxing car wash after rain, in order to effectively protect the car paint.Air conditioning clean spring not only rain, sand is also big.When the dust and dust raised into the air duct and evaporator surface too much and too long will occur mildew, in the case of warm weather is easy to breed a lot of bacteria.Therefore, in addition to cleaning the surface of the water tank condenser, the air conditioning system should be cleaned and sterilized before using the air conditioner. It is recommended to replace the air conditioner filter element.Tire maintenance by thermal expansion and cold contraction factors, winter tire pressure will be reduced, so into the warm spring to adjust tire pressure in time.Tire pressure will increase fuel consumption, but also accelerate the abnormal wear of tires, driving safety has a certain impact.However, at the same time, it is also necessary to avoid too high tire pressure impact on the grip and the braking of the car.Wiper detection spring rain, rain driving line of sight is blocked, so in order to safety considerations must be done in advance of the wiper inspection, to avoid the long-term shutdown caused by the epidemic factors wiper old, plastic deformation.You can adjust the wiper to each speed, pay attention to whether there is vibration, abnormal sound, uneven water scraping, and press the wiper blade by hand, check whether the elasticity is normal and there is no damage, found problems need to be replaced as soon as possible.