Traffic police in Wenshan exchange “Good Work” for “Safe Spring Festival”

2022-06-02 0 By

What are you doing during Spring Festival?New Year’s call, visit relatives, friends or happy travel?However in this gathering, celebrating the lively behind still have so a group of people silently stand on their own jobs I on-the-job during the Spring Festival, the Spring Festival when people are immersed in the joy of holiday atmosphere, wenshan traffic police in full, with all my heart, to the Spring Festival in security work, braved the cold, give up the opportunity and a family reunion, conscientious stand on each post,Strengthen road control, dredge and ensure smooth, for the local people to have a peaceful Spring Festival escort.To keep the road safe requires a sense of responsibility and even more responsibility.All the auxiliary police take every section of the road and every intersection as their home, taking the bad weather as companions and the traffic as companions, and never sleeping day and night, always persevering in the front line.Warm-hearted rescue February 2, traffic police law enforcement team patrol to Qiubei County tiger chong road section, to help the masses quickly deal with a unilateral accident, won praise from the masses.On February 3, a law enforcement team from the Traffic police in Machan district was patrolling the Maxing Line when the motorcycle rolled over in a ditch. The police stepped forward to check the driver’s situation and promptly helped lift the motorcycle out.On February 3, the traffic police in The district of Shimonoseki carried out traffic safety patrols and found that a passenger was not wearing a seat belt when checking the vehicle. The traffic police immediately carried out publicity and education on the passenger and demonstrated how to properly use the seat belt.February 4, Wenshan city traffic police brigade on patrol in Pingba district, found a minivan fell into a roadside ditch.Police timely joint passing of the masses together to lift the car out, successfully resolved the owner’s dilemma.Patrol on the way, found a car double flash, sideslip parked in the curve, police will timely participate in the rescue.In view of the change of severe weather, the alert is timely issued to the society through mobile phone text messages, Weibo and other media, prompting rain, fog and other weather travel precautions, and guiding drivers to reasonably arrange travel time and route.Road traffic police uncle nothing is for your safety on the road traffic rules remember bon voyage hello everyone