Ukrainian lawmakers rant about US ammo waste, Zelensky may flip out, US kicked out of group chat

2022-06-02 0 By

Not long ago, the U.S. Embassy announced that the first shipment of arms and ammunition for Ukraine had arrived in Kiev. It is understood that the shipment is about 90 tons. It is not unexpected that the United States will continue to arrive in the next batch of aid.However, after receiving the aid from the United States, the mood of Ukrainians was not as happy as the outside world thought, and even a Ukrainian lawmaker spoke out against the United States.According to reports, recently, Ukrainian lawmaker Genatenko told the media that the United States this time to Ukraine’s weapons and ammunition, is the last century in the 1980s, which means that this batch of materials are all outdated garbage goods.As soon as the Ukrainian lawmaker’s remarks were reported, they caused a heated debate.Many Internet users have ridiculed the United States on the Internet, saying that the United States took a lot of its unwanted inventory to support Ukraine, to earn Ukrainian dollars at the same time, but also let Ukrainians fight against Russia to die, it is really calculated, but pity Ukraine, the United States is still helping count the money.Of course, we don’t care what ukrainians are feeling. After all, It is Ukrainians who choose their own path and have to bear the consequences.However, in this case, we can see that the so-called great help of the United States to Ukraine is actually deceiving Ukraine. If Ukraine really believes in the United States and wants to rely on the support of the United States to fight against Russia, I’m afraid it will not know how to die.So the question is, will Ukraine continue to listen to the Americans when they do things so badly?On this issue, some analysts believe that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky may turn against the United States.Why do you say that?The reason is simple.Not long ago, US President Joe Biden made a statement about a “small invasion”, meaning that if Russia wants to “small invasion” of Ukraine, then the US may not take any measures.Although after the event, the White House did emergency public relations, said that this time was purely Biden mouth mouth mouth mouth wrong, but many people did not buy it, think that this may be Biden’s heart.And Ukrainian President jersey even, because this thing is rare, a repeating several twitter, the tweet is obviously in attacking biden, let’s whether he is really angry, or show, but from the jersey even, this action is, you can see that he was unhappy about it, otherwise, according to his previous ruling policy, it is impossible to openly Dui biden.But that’s not all. Just recently, after eight hours of tough negotiations in Paris between Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France, Russia and Ukraine agreed to continue observing the ceasefire and to hold a second round of talks.This means that Russia and Ukraine have reached a preliminary agreement after consultation, but Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France did not let the United States participate in such an important meeting, it seems that the United States has been kicked out of the group chat!Therefore, in view of the present situation, the analysis thinks, after being in America have suddenly, Ukraine may have started to wake up, see the United States now is not, thinking of talk and turned back to Russia, and with the help of the German and French, big probability can talk, but want to talk to Russia and Ukraine, can’t stand this is without a doubt the United States, so it goes on like thisIt may not be long before Zelensky and America turn against each other.(Yu Haihua)