Doodle Intelligence escorts IoT industry safety and compliance

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As the number of long-term remote work continues to increase and global cyber attacks are on the rise, the feature of “users everywhere, programs everywhere, threats everywhere” becomes more obvious, and network security and compliance become increasingly important.At this year’s CES, Doodle Intelligence, a global IoT development platform service provider (NYSE:
TUYA also exhibited a number of new security-related products and solutions, so that developers can not only enjoy the convenience of efficient development, but also reduce the worry of product security.Among them, the Internet of Things security module WBR3N displayed in physical form has attracted the attention of many media and industry people.WBR3N is built through CC
EAL6+ certified security chip as a trust root, with industry-leading security capability support.(Internet of Things security module WBR3N exhibited by Doodle Intelligence) This module has quite comprehensive security guarantee. In addition to the production of ECC security certificate and device authentication information burned into SE, the device and cloud two-way certificate authentication and device activation authentication are realized. In terms of communication,WBR3N uses TLS1.2 bidirectional strong verification communication based on security authentication, which is the highest level of communication security in the industry.In terms of device data security protection, WBR3N uses the built-in independent SE to encrypt and decrypt data to ensure data security. Meanwhile, it provides independent physical storage based on the SE and has built-in trusted root to encrypt storage.Core code is also protected by built-in SE, while OTA ensures process security based on secure communication process and firmware verification.In general, WBR3N comes with multiple logical and physical protection layers, including metal shielding, end-to-end encryption, memory encryption, and tamper detection, which can effectively defend against various advanced attacks such as power analysis and failure attacks.In addition to improving the security capabilities of hardware, Tuya, an IoT security operation platform, was also unveiled at the show
Sage is designed to help developers identify and eliminate potential security risks in IoT systems and ensure security compliance during IoT system operations.At Tuya
On Sage, developers can see all protected devices, including basic security information and risk status.Once the device is attacked, developers can complete risk interception with one click.Through real-time threat intelligence, Tuya
Sage can identify local vulnerabilities of smart terminals in a timely and effective manner, allowing developers to fully understand terminal security and privacy compliance status, as well as whether there are non-compliant user data flows, and deal with them in the first place.In recent years, Doodle Intelligence has spared no effort in the security compliance of its platform and technology, and proactively conducted third-party data security certification to meet the needs of diverse customers around the world.According to official information, It has received a number of third-party data security certifications, including BSI’s ISO27001 Security System standard, ISO27017 Cloud Security Technology System, ISO27701 Cloud Platform Privacy Security, and CSA
STAR cloud security certification and other certification and accreditation.In terms of regional compliance, Doodle Intelligence has passed ernst & Young’s SOC2 type audit, TrustArc’s GDPR and CCPA’s regional compliance verification, and is an EPC certificate holder and member of TrustArc.In terms of product safety standards, Doodle Intelligence passed TUV
SUD’s EU ETSI Iot security standard, as well as the 2021 ioXt Alliance hardware security certification.Doodle Smart also works with Rapid7 and WizLynx
Group, ScienceSoft, UnderDefense and Kaspersky collaborate on ongoing platform service security testing.The long list includes companies like TrustArc and Ernst & Young as the most credible third parties in security compliance.As you can see, Among its peers, Doodle Intelligence is undoubtedly the most focused on safety compliance.Security is the guardian behind the product, is the bottom line of all hardware and software products.Doodle Intelligence will continue to take responsibility for IoT security compliance, continuously improve capabilities and iterate on better industry solutions to ensure safe development for all industries.