Draymond encouraged Wiggins to enter the dunk contest. The latter declined, “Oh, no, I’m not feeling well.

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Live on February 4, recently, warriors player Draymond said in his podcast that he encouraged Wiggins to participate in the dunk contest.”Wiggins is an amazing guy, but he didn’t want to participate in the dunk contest,” Draymond said. “I talked to him about it and it was kind of accusatory.””This guy Wiggins is an old man, and he said to me, ‘Oh, no, Dre, I’m not feeling well…I’m not physically fit for a dunk contest.'” I told him,’ Come on, man, I saw you jump over the rim a couple of weeks ago. Please enter the dunk contest!'” “But Wiggins would never do anything like that.””Dream said.(gege)