Indoor want beautiful and easy, the proposal raises a basin it, petal can amount to 15 centimeters

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Some people hope his house can become more beautiful especially, more atmosphere, but cannot find appropriate adornment namely, also spent a lot of money in vain so.The end result is definitely bad, and it’s easy to make the house look fancy and unsightly.If we really want to let the room become beautiful atmosphere, so put a few flowers, can be said to be very good, the most critical is the price is low, dozens of dollars can solve these things.However, there are a lot of green plants on the market nowadays, although some flowers look amazing, but the flowering period is really not very good.Although some florescence is longer, it is not easy to maintain.Should choose what kind of flowers and plants so, we also are more confused.Do not pass as a person that raises a flower nearly 10 years, I can recommend a potted flower to everybody, this kind of flowers suits to be put in the sitting room very much, can reflect atmosphere feeling to still can increase beautiful degree not only.Because the appearance level of this flower is very high, and the bud is relatively large.Its color is very atmospheric, and is also very recommended, in recent years it is more popular, so most people know its name.It is what we call the Great Kremmer peony. It is a fresh variety imported from abroad, and it gets its name because its flowers are as big as peonies.In fact, it can be seen from the pictures that it is a very excellent breed and has been praised by many friends.In fact, the friends who have planted it will treat it as a treasure to care for.Camellia as we all know, it is a very excellent variety.And the great Kremmer peony, its nobleness is that its flowers are very large, it can be said that it is very easy to make people amazing, it is perfect.Its bud is like quail egg general, looking at such a huge bud, will certainly be very pleasing to the eye.So if it can be put in the living room, then the viewing value must be very good.When its petals can reach 15 centimeters after blooming, imagine such bright and atmospheric flowers, if really put in the room, then certainly can enhance the beauty.For this kind of atmospheric camellia variety, most people feel difficult to maintain, after all, the planting partners all know that this kind of flower belongs to the southern flowers, is not cold resistant, so the northern friends are difficult to maintain.And it as one of the camellia varieties, is it difficult to manage?In fact, it also has a more special place, although it is camellia, but its cold resistance is relatively good, and heat resistance is relatively strong.It can grow safely in sub-zero weather or high temperature, so it is safe to plant in the north.Its freezing resistance is amazing, so it can be grown anywhere, not only in a pot, but also in the yard, which not only adorns the house, but also makes the yard look alive.If you can plant it in a yard, it will look great when it blooms, and it will fill the yard with flowers and create a sea of flowers.And its biggest characteristic is to be able to eliminate all the fatigue on our body, if the pressure is more, then smell it is a good choice.It’s a way to relax both physically and mentally, because the smell of the flowers is really nice, and it’s not boring.It is worth mentioning that its maintenance is also extremely simple, we do not need to worry too much in daily life, we just need to do a simple fertilization and watering.Such a high level of appearance to feed the Cremer, worthy of your choice, our store are all suitable for autumn and winter planting cold-resistant varieties, and all are the original pot original soil delivery, whether in pot or in the garden can be planted, so quickly click into the following commodity link to buy!