Jilin Province: Strengthen standardized management of nucleic acid testing and carry out flow investigation, isolation and control

2022-06-03 0 By

This article was transferred from;On the morning of April 4, the Jilin Provincial government held the 24th press conference on the latest progress of the epidemic prevention and control work.Jilin province has strengthened standardized management of nucleic acid testing, according to Geng Jianren, a member of the leading party group of jilin Provincial Health Commission.We will continue to dispatch and urge urban testing bases around the country to connect with nucleic acid testing data platforms in advance and be ready to receive samples from Changchun.We will continue to carry out national, provincial and municipal joint supervision and inspection of regional nucleic acid testing laboratories in Changsha and Kyrgyzstan.The frequency of nucleic acid tests will be strengthened for teachers and students in key universities and centralized isolation centers, as well as for personnel providing services such as material supply, campus catering, and environmental disinfection, to ensure that those at risk are identified quickly and accurately.At the same time, do a good job of flow investigation and isolation control.Focusing on the elimination of social gatherings, strengthening safeguard measures, and actively promoting the investigation of migrants.Establish a flat command mechanism, optimize the transshipment process, strengthen risk prevention and control, and make every effort to ensure transport capacity demand and transport safety.According to the requirements of “one school, one policy”, colleges and universities formulate “solutions to overcome difficulties”, list items one by one, establish ledger, wall chart operations.Teachers and students who meet the conditions for lifting the quarantine shall be organized to return to school point-to-point in time.(Media Reporter Zhao Wenbin, Zhang Chu, Xu Yang)