Old drivers say anything less than that is a good car

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Once the engine has problems, luxurious vehicles can only be used as decoration, so when buying a car, friends who know how to buy a car will choose three pieces of better configuration, which saves a lot of trouble.When the engine is working, there is a speed statement, usually people will compare the speed of the engine and the speed of the vehicle to judge the quality of the vehicle, so at 120 speed of the engine speed is how much?Different vehicles are different, the old driver told everyone that less than this number is a good car, let’s have a look.Under the premise of the same speed, the lower the engine speed, the higher the efficiency of the work.When the vehicle reaches the maximum speed allowed on the highway, engine operation and fuel conversion are much higher than usual.Many owners have said that running at high speed seems to lower fuel consumption, because driving in the city road often traffic jam, just step on the accelerator will step on the brake is frequent operation, which leads to insufficient fuel, a part of the carbon.The best performance is achieved at high speeds.When the car reaches 120km/h in the left lane, an engine revving below 2500 RPM is a good car.With the development of automobile manufacturing technology, now many brands of vehicles can have a very good performance between the speed and engine speed, the same is 120 per hour, the engine speed is only 2000 revolutions, of course, such vehicles in fuel consumption is also very satisfied with the owners.The reason why so many people choose Japanese cars is that the engine has high efficiency, the fuel conversion power is more sufficient, and the economy has been recognized by consumers.Fuel consumption was one of the problems that was difficult to solve in the beginning of domestic cars. The sales volume was poor at the beginning, but the problem was finally overcome with the continuous efforts of r&d personnel.There are a lot of domestic brands have been praised by customers in China, all aspects of performance is good, compared with some joint venture cars, there is still a lot of room for progress in fuel consumption, but now the development of new energy vehicles is growing, perhaps in the near future people have changed their vehicles into new energy electric vehicles.At the same speed, the lower the speed of the car, the more energy saving, but there will be some other interference factors.The speed of the engine also determines the overall performance of the vehicle to a certain extent, just as people walk, the length and time of each step determines the distance taken, the engine is the same.What are your engine speeds?