Yuan God: what sweet rain from the clock?Tracking attack out of hand character without drawing?One more life is one more life

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The king of penholder in the game makes a living by playing games every day and has been playing online games for 20 years. I have my own unique opinion. As an old player who has been playing for 10 years, if there is any problem with the article, please respray it!If you feel good, please forward some likes!Thank you very much!What does the original god smoke from the rain bell?Tracking attack out of hand character without drawing?One more life is one more life!In fact, what is the current replica of the role than tracking attack out of hand five star eight heavy god son strong, can more than one life is a life, I am all saved to smoke eight heavy, and then save again to continue to smoke eight dissatisfied life without considering other roles, now those strange jump to jump I really is bored, and fly in the sky.In fact, the clock from the mass of life is 2 lives, 6 lives that little blood mosquito legs do not help.But a lot of people say that the clock from life seat is cheating people, 0 life is enough.And to set a shield or long E, EQ can set a shield, equivalent to the average 6s a shield, strange and 4S petrochemical time, no longer have a free window, and unlock online with people function.In fact, 2 life is rock burst =0 life is birth, which can replenish some output with the same amount of shield, and it also has the shield amount of blood ox flow.Some people say that they are 3 months new, Bennett Xiang Ling, I will play the fall, the CD is really long can not stand.Barbara can hang water, too.Actually, Barbara’s nickname is the mole.Eternal six star warlord, you are worth cultivating.And you’re missing a ritual sword.Still have player to say novice just play fast a month to play now, 172 take out, again sign to gather together enough 180 take out, make the worst plan take out sweet rain, my friend all say 70 take out more can take out, but my permanent pool 78 took out haven’t seen gold!Actually want what gan Yu zhong leave, I three life 77, open EQ cut night palace station lu Dragon King, thief cool.But for veteran players, all four stars are full.It’s hard to smoke cards.No new star, you’re a tuen Mun.In fact, new players can improve the game experience if they choose to play the game, but once they have a great game experience, they will not be easily dropped.But for the old players, the big world has a fixed team, in fact, the role of the bell is not big!The original god most admire those 20 take out small guarantee bottom also can not crooked, I at least 50 times just out of gold, and now on two walnut a abeduo, crooked three lu master a piano, meet small guarantee bottom will crooked.Now at level 57, to be honest, I want Thor more than Jongli, so tangled, there is no pressure in the big world.Behind whether pumping thor or eight heavy, I hope not big bottom guarantee, has been three or four times in a row big bottom guarantee.And the clock is getting worse and worse from the environment, a little tangled who to draw.How much more money would thunder get if he and Wanye went up together?