At the mouth of the Yellow River, what is the New Year like for “ecological sheriff”

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Qilu Evening News · Qilu One point reporter Zhang Guotong Correspondent Xie Penglong The intersection of river and sea, newborn wetlands and wild birds are the “gold and silver mountains” of Dongying, Shandong province.On the eve of the Spring Festival, police stationed in the Yellow River Delta national Nature Reserve stayed day and night to protect ecological security.Two of the world’s nine migratory bird routes pass through nature reserves. Every year, over 370 species and millions of migratory birds inhabit, breed and winter here. Abundant wildlife resources make it easy for criminals to use this area as a hunting ground.The “ecological police chief” of the Nature Reserve branch of Dongying Public Security Bureau is responsible for cracking down on wildlife crimes, protecting ecological security and serving the masses.In 2014, the police of the Core Area police Office of the Nature Reserve Branch of Dongying Public Security Bureau found a bird that they had never seen before. After consulting the data, they identified it as a Mongolian white collar. In 2020, three birds were found successively, including the flamingo, daigo and spoon-tipped sandpiper.More recently, three red-crowned cranes have been feeding near the police room.”Maybe the birds know where it’s safe. Maybe they know we’re watching.The animals in the sanctuary are like family to us.”Police Yang Huazhang said.Yang Huazhang introduced that the air here is fresh, the environment is beautiful, the vision is vast, working here, can feel the magic of nature is wonderful, can also find a quiet nature.”But there are three difficulties to be overcome. First, it is so sparsely populated that loneliness must be tolerated;Second, mosquito bites in summer and bitter wind in winter should have strong perseverance;The third is to sacrifice the level of appearance, all day long exposure to the sun, our people have no white skin.”Every day, Yang would patrol several times around the 15-kilometer embankment in the core area. In his spare time, he would check the monitoring system to keep track of the “wind and waves” in the protected area in real time, so that he could carry out his work easily.In recent years, ecological protection and high quality development around the Yellow River, the dongying city public security bureau of the “ecological police” as a key project, established the “ecological JingChangZhi”, in this 1045 square kilometers of area, the police crack down on crime, everyday patrol guard, service people, witnessed the ecological environment of the Yellow River delta area, public security situation is getting better and better.”Take care of them and take care of our home.”Speaking of the New Year wishes, Yang Huazhang said.