China Airlines wins The “Aviation Industry Silver Award” for the second time in the Global Sustainability Yearbook 2022

2022-06-04 0 By

China Airlines has retained its position as the world’s no. 2 airline in the “Aviation Industry Silver Award” of the 2022 PerpetualYearbook.S&P Global released The latest Yearbook 2022 results of Sustainability, and China Airlines ranked second in The world.It was awarded the “Silver Class” award, the highest overall score of Taiwan’s ESG carrier, and only seven of the world’s sustainable airlines were included in the yearbook.In addition, CAA announced to join the “TALENT, in Taiwan, Sustainable Action Alliance”, pledging to jointly promote sustainable TALENT development and cultivation, and enhance Taiwan’s TALENT competitiveness.According to the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) in 2021, the 2022 Sustainability Yearbook is based on the Sustainability performance of more than 7,500 large companies in 61 industries around the world.The top 15% enterprises in each industry and the total score above the standard can be awarded.Since 2016, China Airlines has won the Bronze award for aviation industry for three times. Last year, it was promoted to the silver award. This year, China Airlines stood out from 51 airlines in the world and ranked second again.China Airlines said that with the corporate vision of “becoming Taiwan’s preferred airline”, based on Taiwan and flying around the world, China Airlines is committed to sustainable development of the enterprise, and talent cultivation is an important business goal.In order to strengthen the TALENT competitiveness of Taiwan society, China Airlines has joined the “TALENT, in Taiwan, Sustainable Action Alliance” to work together with “Learning in the World”, “Cheers Happy Workers” and many other companies in Taiwan to promote and advocate sustainable TALENT.China Airlines is committed to enhancing its functions, providing employees with better career development and future, and passing on its culture and values through its business strategy, products and services, and professional training courses in all categories.China airlines, said the long-term sustainable development, certainly by the domestic and overseas, all the year round in the dow Jones sustainability index, the ftse social responsibility in emerging markets index and awarded Taiwan enterprise sustainable, global enterprise sustainable awards, etc., under the COVID – 19 outbreak hit the airline industry, though facing a severe test, will continue to promote the sustainable as oriented, showing the determination of the sustainable development.