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Recently, Xinhua News Agency released a short video titled “Ordinary Road”, which tells the story of an ordinary person who found the road he took to get home was the real ordinary and warm road, which aroused resonance and discussion among netizens.The Spring Festival is approaching, many people have started a new round of “migration”, some people across half of China just to see the rural courtyard curl smoke, some people through the frost and rain just to call their parents warm heart.However, in order to prevent and control the epidemic, many people choose the latter in consideration of the overall situation in the difficult choice between reuniting and staying behind.Experience wind and frost, non-stop home steps are their attachment;Celebrating the New Year in the same place, they are committed to supporting the fight against the epidemic. Behind every choice are deep friendship.Where home is, the heart is.In this tender short film, the unchanging background is a low house, though not big enough to protect against the wind and rain. In the growth of three generations, it plays the role of witness and is also the concrete expression of home.Time does not live, season such as flow, although experience the ups and downs of life, but home has always been a destination is the harbor, gave the people who live inside the infinite warmth and warmth.This is why almost every wanderer will miss his hometown, and this “heat” is a fervent affection for the people back home, but also a cohesive force of the family.Together hearts make a family.Not long ago, the National Development and Reform Commission and 14 other government departments jointly issued the Opinions on the 2022 Spring Festival Travel Rush, calling for “scientific and accurate travel management by region and classification, and ensuring the safe and orderly flow of people while implementing epidemic prevention and control measures.”Since the outbreak of the epidemic, many Chinese people have spontaneously celebrated the Spring Festival on the spot. Although they are less tired of traveling thousands of miles, they still find the flavor of Spring Festival in their second hometown.There are community secretaries who plan to “cloud reunion” with their children through mobile phone videos, and there are taxi boys who “don’t go home this year, but ferry people back home”. Although they are separated by physical distance from their families, they can also share New Year’s joy in a networked way.Many people said that warm heart, wallet drum, cloud reunion can also be very beautiful.In this Spring Festival, they enjoy the joy of going home for the New Year after a hard year. They feel the embrace and warmth of their families. There are also more people in other places feeling the warmth, but also pay their own glimmers of light.Between nostalgia for the homeland and striving for the realization of dreams, the “beauty and harmony” of life track and social development is achieved.And no matter home or not, no matter where the body, is a form of choice for the New Year, not rigid can face to face, as long as the heart together can hear the warmth of the family in the footsteps of the echo, feel sentimentally attached and dependent from the heart, can meet the real meaning of home in the long flavor of the New Year.