Feeling down for work after Spring Festival?How to adjust post-holiday syndrome?

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In a twinkling of an eye, the Spring Festival holiday has passed, there have been many office workers have been on the job, but after the long holiday, for these workers, another problem has quietly come.My friend Xiao Luo told me yesterday that she felt obvious discomfort when she just went to work. For the time being, she could not concentrate on going to work, and her mind was full of things to play, so she could not get into the work state completely. As a result, she could not finish her work almost all day, and finally she had to work overtime for several hours.Fortunately, I can hand it in the next day for my work project, she said to me, patting her heart.After a long holiday, there will inevitably be “post-holiday syndrome” the so-called “post-holiday syndrome” refers to the holiday or after the long holiday back, it is difficult to enter the work state, or the work state is not good, or the low efficiency of the situation, exclusion work, feel obvious discomfort to work, this is the so-called “post-holiday syndrome”.+ Most people will have a good time during the holiday, but when they come back from the holiday, it is difficult to enter the work state again, and their mind is not on the work, but still in the holiday state, immersed in it.If we can’t adjust our state in time, there is no doubt that it will affect our work. So how should we adjust the “post-holiday syndrome”?I’m going to teach you a couple of things.First, work arrangement with simple work as the main holiday back to work, we have to understand the fact that the current state is more difficult to enter the state of work, so it is more important to complete some very important work.Therefore, in the work arrangement, we can mainly arrange simple work, these simple work, do not need to spend too much mental and energy.On the other hand, it is also very convenient to complete, which is easier for us to complete at this stage, and it won’t waste time. It is also equivalent to completing the work, which is very suitable.On the contrary, to complete complex and difficult work at this stage, not only the work efficiency is low, but also may make their own psychological rejection.Two, the right exercise the right exercise can make our bodies more strong, exercise our bodies, at the same time can improve our attention to work, because sitting on the work seat, for a long time, it will inevitably make people feel tired, once this feeling is difficult to concentrate on the next work.So might as well carry out a proper exercise, more can improve our spirit, so that we can face the work with full attitude.During the Spring Festival, most people are in a state of big fish and big meat, but the way of eating and drinking will destroy the balance of human intestinal flora, and finally it is likely to make people’s digestion and absorption function impaired, which will affect the human body’s absorption of vitamins.During the Spring Festival, these high-fat, high-protein foods tend to increase the burden of hunger in the gastrointestinal tract, and finally cause the problem of food accumulation.To better cope with post-holiday syndrome, we should moderate our eating and eat less.Choose a few fiber rich vegetables again, west blue flower, leek is waited a moment, and the food that contains vitamin B banana, mushroom, fish is right choice to wait a moment.During the Spring Festival, many people like to stay up late chatting or playing with mobile phones, etc., while the previous normal work and rest rules are broken, and when they come back to work after the festival, the excitement is suddenly pulled back to a relatively calm state, and people’s mental state will become very bad at this time.Getting enough sleep is essential to staying focused on your work, so slowly adjust your sleep schedule back to get enough sleep.Conclusion: “post-holiday syndrome” requires us to make adjustments in work, diet, sleep, exercise and so on, so that we can better recover to the pre-holiday working state and face the work with full spirit.For more exciting content, come to xi said the workplace