Sanxiang review | calm confidence to see the Winter Olympics, on the field two wonderful

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From individual to resonance, “I” link into “we”, self-confidence from personality evolved into a national mentality, become vigorous and upward.Huang Weixin “this life does not regret into China, the afterlife is still in the flower home” “the real aesthetic ‘ceiling’, Chinese romantic shocking” “experience what is called cultural confidence”……After the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing on Spring night, the audience has been pouring in a variety of fancy expressions online and offline, full of Confidence in Chinese culture.”Law back to the age of late frost less, spring to the human grass and trees”, the twenty-four solar terms of Chinese traditional culture and the countdown is perfect link, every change is the interpretation of the time in China;”You look up, I invite the world to share tonight’s moon”, the opening ceremony on the big screen of the moon, is the lunar phase of spring night;The water of the Yellow River combines the Olympic spirit, traditional culture and science and technology with the spirit and bold spirit of the sky and the novelty and gentleness of the five ice-breaking rings.In the era of diversity, culture is the most resonant factor after all. The weibo topic “a word confessions the opening Ceremony” attracted hundreds of millions of participants, confident from every detail of the opening ceremony into the hearts of the audience.This winter Olympics audience, with a more confident and calm eyes on the field.Open-minded acceptance of “imperfection” : a little boy who is undergoing tooth change is playing a trumpet, with a trumpet sound floating from his leaky mouth. This “imperfect scene” at the opening ceremony was praised by netizens as “perfect”;Applause not only belongs to the winner: in curling mixed doubles, The Chinese team lost to the US team, and the Chinese player gave each opponent a box of ice dun dun badges, which made the US team overjoyed. Netizens praised “China pattern, great power style”.Chen Hongyi, who won the Olympic seat for women’s skating singles but missed out on the Winter Olympics at home, was distressed and encouraged by the whole network.This winter Olympics audience, more understanding of spontaneous expression, more willing to do.During the race, “Wang Meng commentary” hit the hot search.”Ah, Italy is second, I am happy.” “Let’s watch the replay and see how Korea fell.” “My eyes are rulers.”Free and spontaneous expression, the audience, like a treasure, hope to “weld Wang Meng in the broadcast room”.The Beijing Winter Olympics mascot “Bing Dwen Dwen” has become one of the most popular mascots in the Games, both online and offline.From individual to resonance, “I” link into “we”, self-confidence from personality evolved into a national mentality, become vigorous and upward.”Double Olympic City” ice and snow date, wonderful, extraordinary, excellent opening feast, destined to be engraved into the grand history.Behind the dazzling, confident and calm state of mind shining.Together to the coordinates of the future, with “confident life 200 years, will be when the water hit three thousand li” heroic sail set sail, brave and resolute forward, will create a new legend.[Editor: Yang Xingdong][Source: Hunan Daily · New Hunan client]