Lushan County Public Security Bureau held fun sports camp

2022-06-05 0 By

In order to further enrich JingYing cultural life, enhance the cohesive force, centripetal force and combat effectiveness of the auxiliary police public security people, build a “absolute loyalty, absolutely pure, absolutely reliable” team of police officers, auxiliary police to the broad masses of people through the joy and warmth of a Lantern Festival, February 15th afternoon, lushan county public security bureau held the 2022 Spring Festival JingYing interest games, guess lantern riddles.Zhao Guojun, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and political commissar of the Bureau, on behalf of the Party Committee of the bureau, extended holiday greetings and best wishes to the auxiliary police and delivered a warm holiday speech.The fun games set up a total of rope skipping, 10 people 11 legs leggings run, ball relay, tug-of-war and other four projects, in addition to the set of fun guessing lantern riddles activities, more than 150 people auxiliary police 13 teams to participate in the games, the fun, entertainment, collaboration and competition integration, novel form, high participation.On the field, each project or tense or lively, the players are enthusiastic, couragely first, tenacious struggle, both speed of competition, but also the wisdom of the competition, and team cooperation, refueling, cheers, laughter in an endless stream, intertwined one after another, lit the passion of the Lantern Festival.The interesting games active festal atmosphere, enhance the cohesion of the team, to actively participate in fitness, relieve pressure, enhance the purpose of the team work closely, prompting auxiliary police the masses of people in the New Year with full enthusiasm into work, to promote the public security work to a new level, with high honors from the tribute to the party’s two big victory.