Players Championship preview: China Derby looks set to repeat, 3/4 scary

2022-06-05 0 By

After the 2022 German Masters, players’ single-season ranking will determine whether they can play in the following Players Championship.Because the next champions league is an invitational tournament, there is no impact on the ranking.China’s Zhao Xintong has secured her place at the top of the single-season rankings and the top seed of the Players Championship after winning the German Masters.The 2022 Snooker Players Championship will be held from February 7 to 13.Before that, let’s take a look at the signings for the tournament and analyze the players’ championship prospects.Zone 1/4: Zhao Xintong vs Hawkins, Gilbert vs Yan Bingtao.Chao, who has won two major ranking titles this season, the British Championship and the German Masters, is the natural top seed with nearly 300,000 pounds in points.As Selby was eliminated, his opponent Hawkins was confirmed at the last minute.The two meet, Zhao xintong is expected to continue his form, continue to win.Brother Tudou is not in good form, Yan Bingtao has beaten him in the German Masters, this time the chance to win is still very big.In the end, Zhao xintong and Yan Bingtao may well rematch the Chinese Derby.Quarter: Allen vs. Walton, Mark Williams vs. Gary Wilson.Walton played well at the German Masters to preserve his qualification for the Players Championship, and the pair’s on-the-spot play was key against Allen, who was also in good form.Wilson’s play is very consistent, but has not been too big breakthrough, against Martin, win or lose a lot of chance.Because marshu’s form determines the result of the game, once the form is no one can stop, once the form is no one can lose.Zone 3/4: O ‘Sullivan vs Trump, Robertson vs Karen Wilson.O ‘Sullivan and Donald Trump meet in the first round, which fans don’t want to see, at least not so early, but there’s no way. Trump is in really bad shape, and the rockets have a good chance of winning.Robertson and Jon also met in the first round, this is also a close match, do not know who can win?The four players in the region are ranked in the top five in the world, and with the exception of Selby, the world’s number one, they are in a group that is a horror.District 4/4: Higgins vs. Wafi, Bressel vs. Jimmy Robertson.Higgins is surprisingly consistent and able to keep his game in shape.Wafee qualified for the tournament by winning the single time event, but faces Higgins in the first round and is likely to return home.With the exception of Cho, Brecel has been the best young player of the season. He has done well to reach back-to-back ranking finals and win a title, and is expected to continue to advance against a less powerful Jimmy.Those are the signings for the 2022 Players Championship.Who do you think will win the championship?Leave your answers in the comments section.