The rockets’ two-game losing streak revealed the true strength of the SUNS and Clippers

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Thousands of mountains and rivers are always feeling, pay attention to a wave of line!The Houston Rockets seem to have a lot of games this season.Because of work, I feel a little behind the pace of update.But I suddenly realize that every game is played against a different opponent, and watching the Rockets from a game point of view, watching Green’s performance sometimes gets into a loop.For example, green’s poor three-point shooting has been a theme of my watch this season.However, when I look at two games or a few games, I often see more.I don’t know if that’s a blessing in disguise.The Rockets suffered their second straight loss, but in addition to a few roster changes, their opponents also revealed something noteworthy in the game.The SUNS rely on a rebuilding team like Chris Paul’s league-leading SUNS against the Rockets for a blowout win.Starters like Chris Paul and Booker are likely to clock out after three quarters.As a result, the SUNS and rockets came down to the wire.Why are the SUNS struggling so much?Chris Paul’s exit due to injury may have been the main reason.Paul finished with 11 points, six assists, two steals and three turnovers in just 19 minutes, shooting 3-for-5 from 3-point range, 0-for-2 from 3-point range and 5-for-5 from free throw range.The assist-to-turnover ratio was 2, well below Paul’s norm.Paul’s play will affect the flow of the SUNS ‘game.Paul is averaging 10.7 assists per game this season, but has set a new high in assists in recent games.In addition to his six assists against Houston, Paul has dished out 14 assists against the Clippers, 15 assists against the Magic, 19 assists against the Bucks and 12 assists against the 75s.In addition to beating the Clippers by seven points and the 76ers by five, the SUNS beat the Magic by 27 and the Bucks by 24 in those games.In terms of assist statistics, there is also the following performance: The rockets’ assist statistics in the last five games are better than the SUNS ‘in the last five games.It’s worth noting that when the SUNS have far more assists than their opponents, they usually win games by a wide margin.For example, against the Bucks, they beat their opponents by 17 assists and against the Magic by 15.There may be fans who think this is a result oriented approach, where the number of assists automatically leads to easy wins.But that’s not the case.The number of assists, on the surface, reflects the team scoring more, but on a deeper level, it reflects the team’s offensive end playing smoothly, can break the opponent’s defense.In the 75-man game, the SUNS won by just three assists, indicating that their offense wasn’t particularly smooth. Sure enough, they shot 23.08% from 3-point range and 45.26% overall.The SUNS had four assists against the Clippers and shot 48.89 percent overall.In contrast, the SUNS won more than 10 assists against the Bucks and magic, shooting 56.67 percent and 52.38 percent, respectively.It’s worth noting that the SUNS took more than 100 shots against the Magic while shooting more than 50 percent from the field. Their offensive performance was amazing.Why do the SUNS rely so much on Paul?Look at the last 5 games of the stats, almost the SUNS these two seasons in miniature.Last year, the SUNS won tough playoff games without Paul.But Payne can’t be expected to surprise every season, and opponents will be on their guard.Paul’s performance in the last five games reflects some of the problems: he has been responsible for 30 percent or more assists in each of the four games except for 19 minutes against the Rockets, when he accounted for less than 30 percent of assists.Paul has more than 40 percent of his assists in games against strong opponents.In games against the Bucks and Clippers, Paul accounted for more than or near 50 percent of his assists.What’s more, Paul had 15 assists against the Magic, but less than 40 percent of them, suggesting that the SUNS are a team that knows how to share the ball, and that’s probably the biggest change Paul has made to this team.Did the Clippers win because they lost their stars?The Clippers have been phenomenal this season.After struggling early in the season, the Clippers seem to be back to where they were in the playoffs last season.I think that’s partly because of Tyronn Lue and partly because they don’t have a star player.In fact, there is a serious overlap between George and Leonard.So the Clippers seem to have a hard time even against the Mavericks when the two are together.Sometimes “1+1” really isn’t greater than “2”, and it can even be less than “2”.Among them, Reggie Jackson’s performance is very noteworthy.Reggie Jackson is averaging just 4.5 assists per game this season, but with George’s injury, Reggie is getting a lot of the ball.Reggie’s assists have skyrocketed to 9.4 per game in the last five games.In fact, after George’s injury, reggie took two games to return, and his performance was mediocre, with a single game of five points and one assist.But reggie found his game again as the game progressed.In addition to Reggie Jackson, Kennard is finding his touch.Kennard’s 3-point shooting has increased from a season average of 44.8 percent to 69.4 percent in the last five games.Many thought the Clippers would be even scarier with the return of George and Kawhi Leonard.But I think it’s the absence of star players that gives role players their chance to shine.In particular, a shooter like Kennard who needs a lot of shots will get fewer opportunities with the return of George and Kawhi Leonard. Will he be able to maintain his shooting touch?Think Duncan Robinson, who signed a big contract with the Heat, and perhaps it’s not defensive performance or contracts that are holding Kennard back, but shot opportunities from star players.Rocket Green’s rise to prominence has something to do with the lineup?The Rockets have had a lot of roster changes in recent games.For the absence of young Kevin Porter, coach Silas gave the reason as “stomach problems”.In fact, Kevin Porter Jr. ‘s exit from the Spurs game said something.So, injury reasons or acceptable.On the contrary, the absence of Wood is somewhat let a person have some thoughts.Wood’s not happy at Houston. Everybody knows it.Before the trade deadline, the rockets were also interested in moving Wood, but the Lakers didn’t pull the trigger, indicating that Wood’s current market value is very limited.In addition, Wood this season respectively with Jaylen Green, Almonie Brooks, Martin Jr.The Rockets waived Almoni Brooks at the trade deadline in order to complete a deal with the Green Shirts.However, The rockets’ team reporter Iko said the rockets will re-sign Brooks after Brooks passes the clarification period.I expect the rockets to re-sign Brooks to a three-year deal.The Rockets’ roster has changed, and Green has benefited.The issue of Kevin Porter Jr. ‘s incompatibility with Jaylen Green was already on the table.Green had 17 points, two rebounds, one assist, one block and one turnover in 35 minutes against phoenix on 5-of-12 shooting, 3-of-7 from 3-point range and 4-of-5 from the free throw line.Green scored 21 points, two assists, one steal and one turnover in 30 minutes against the Clippers, shooting 8-for-15 and 5-for-10 from 3-point range.It should be said that the clippers game was more like jaylen Green was drafted for.Meanwhile, green is shooting 58.3 percent and 66.7 percent from 3-point range, respectively, to 42.9 percent and 50 percent, which confirms my previous opinion that Jaylen Green’s 3-point percentage has nothing to do with his 3-point percentage.So what’s the biggest reason?Until Kevin Porter Jr. ‘s return, you can chalk it up to schroder’s acquisition.Schroder had nine assists in each of those games, and the more consistent schroder in finishing seemed to provide more opportunities for Jaylen Green.Of course, if Jaylen Green can maintain a high 3-point percentage even with the return of Kevin Porter Jr., then green’s change of shooting hand has helped him a lot.As a result, it remains to be seen how green will bounce back from beyond the arc.