Ultraman 3 minute setup!What else do you know besides the official version?

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Ultraman, as we all know, can only fight for 3 minutes on Earth since ancient times. According to the official statement, due to the pressure and light of the Earth, unlike the Ultraman, ultraman cannot maintain permanent form.So there’s only about three minutes of battle time, but if you don’t know, officials have been trying to get rid of this feature for a long time.Due to the budget of the original Ultraman, the design of the holster was very tight, which seriously affected the movement ability of the holster actors.After wearing it for three or four minutes, he couldn’t breathe properly, but after the original Ultraman, he made a name for himself as the number one Tokusatsu TV series in the world.Tsuburaya, less strapped for cash, was confident enough to create another work, Seven Ultraman.In this work, Tsuburaya’s design is to separate Seven and Ultraman. With sufficient funds, Tsuburaya threw away the three-minute battle setting in the early stage of Seven Ultraman.Wanted to keep Seven on Earth for a long time, but the audience didn’t buy it.So tsuburaya had no choice but to put the three minutes back into the Episodes of Seven, which has allowed the limit combat to continue to this day.But there are a lot of different ultraman characters, such as Leo Ultraman, despite the combat restrictions.However, due to the different planets, Leo’s combat duration, according to the official design, is more than two minutes.Jonias, on the other side of the planet, has nearly four minutes to fight.And the length of the battle is closely related to the ultraman timer.At the end of the transformation time, the timer will be displayed in red, giving the audience a more intuitive understanding of Ultraman’s physical condition.Although altman’s timepieces have been different for more than 50 years, the form of expression is the same.But you can’t rule out the ultraman, who has unlimited power, and they can’t be viewed in a conventional way.That’s the exclusive report from Xiao Ming. Do you know why Ultraman only fights for 3 minutes?In fact, the official is also forced!Guys, given ultraman’s battle time limit, what questions would you like to know?Do you have anything to say about that?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section!To sum up the above only represents the personal point of view, do not like spray!The article is written for “Xiaoming students” original, infringement will investigate!See you next time!