Watergate Bridge: How many people shed the first tears of the New Year

2022-06-05 0 By

According to Maoyan Professional, as of 8 PM on February 6, 2022, the total box office of Watergate Bridge has exceeded 2.5 billion yuan in six days after its release.I wonder how many Chinese dedicated their first tears of the Lunar New Year to this tear-jerking revolutionary epic.This afternoon I also went to see the film, moved very deeply, to see the soldiers are not afraid of hardships, not afraid of sacrifice.To get the job done, go ahead.Peace, happiness these four words are how heavy ah.But you know what?In the war against the United States and north Korea, the cruelty of the real battle is far more than the film can show.The original revolutionary hero who blew up the Watergate Bridge in this film is still alive.He is Zhejiang Zhuji veteran has been 98 years old revolutionary soldier Guo Rongxi.Guo Rongxi old man is zhejiang Shaoxing Zhuji Fengqiao Yangchun village, he has participated in the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, the War of liberation, the war to resist The United States and aid Korea.He was wounded for many times and won the titles of “East China Second and third Class People’s Hero” and “Battle Hero of the 20th Army of the Third Field Army”. He was awarded many meritorious services, including first-class meritorious service once, third-class meritorious service three times and fourth-class meritorious service one time.He was a war hero known for his demolition skills.In those days he made great contributions in many battles and can be said to be a revolutionary old hero with outstanding military achievements.In 1950, Kwak joined the Korean War as a staff member of the 60th Division of the 20th Army.He was given the difficult task of blowing up the Watergate Bridge, which was the main route for American troops to evacuate from Lake Chosin.The Watergate Bridge is a bridge.It is, in effect, a power station barrage over which the road passes.And the dam’s drop is so large that it would be extremely difficult to blow up the dam.In order to ensure the smooth completion of the blasting task, the superior commander sent the army in an emergency famous blasting expert Guo Rongxi to perform the task.According to the revolutionary old man’s recollection, at that time, in the cold of minus 40 degrees, he led a platoon of volunteers, packed three large packages of 23 kilograms of explosives.Charge the bridge where it meets the road.At the last minute he ordered the rest of his comrades to fall back immediately.He personally pulled the fuse, who knew this time accident happened, because at that time he was cold and hungry resulting in stiff hands and feet, slow action, he did not run to the safety zone on time in the retreat, was the explosion of flying stones hit the left calf, resulting in the left calf was seriously injured, the left leg twisted 180 degrees.Finally, he was carried down by his comrades.The watergate Bridge was blown off for the third time although the action was successful, but because the American army has a lot of advanced construction equipment, not a few days later, the bridge was blown up soon repaired by the American army.In order to prevent the mass withdrawal of the American troops, our volunteers really did whatever it took to blow up the bridge a second time, three times in a row.All soldiers have one purpose: as long as the Watergate bridge remains, our mission remains.The watergate Bridge is very tearful today, in the bombing of the bridge, some platoon in the mission all the soldiers were killed, many soldiers were only 16 or 17 years old.Guo Rongxi, who narrowly escaped death at that time, was seriously injured and had to return to China for treatment.However, after a few months of rest, he chose to fight in Korea again in spite of dissuasion.He said if I die, I will die in the war against the United States and Korea.A 96-year-old volunteer veteran from Taizhou, who also experienced the battle of Changjin Lake, said firmly: “The American soldiers have never understood why our volunteers did not die.But we know in our hearts that what we are doing is defending our country.The real battlefield was far more brutal than the one in the movie.It is the revolutionary forefathers who never quit, just for our peace and tranquility today, but also let us know that now happy life is really hard-won, heavy thousand jun!It is for this reason that many of the first tears of 2022 will be shed for the heroes of watergate Bridge and all the revolutionaries who contributed to the founding of new China!