When your dog licks you, it’s your honor and there are many benefits

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Some owners do not want to be licked by the dog, feel a lot of saliva, dirty sticky, dog close to hurriedly push away, very dislike.In fact, there are many benefits to your dog licking you, but you don’t know, hurry to read on!For children who are still developing, it is good for them to grow up with dogs. If children are exposed to dogs from an early age, they can enhance their own resistance, and the probability of asthma will be reduced to a certain extent.And children are not easy to hair allergy, dog health to do, insect vaccine to do it.A dog’s licking is a friendly and loving gesture. If a dog licks you, it shows that he loves you. Wouldn’t it be cruel to push him away?Little by little, you quench his love for you.Aside from the fact that your dog licks you a little too much, there’s no harm in that the bacteria in your dog’s mouth only affect other dogs, not humans.According to experts, being licked by a dog releases dopamine, a pleasurable chemical that makes us feel better.When you are unhappy, an understanding dog will rub up against you and lick you, and your mood will feel better.When a dog is nervous or scared, he will yawn or lick people to relieve his tension. Just like humans, he will do little things to relieve his tension.So owners should pay attention, if the dog emotional tension, it comes to lick you but you refuse, it will feel very helpless.Dogs are social animals, they are class-conscious, and if they are willing to submit to you, they will show their sincerity by licking you.From the side, in the eyes of the dog, your status is supreme, then you are not secretly happy ah?These dogs are easy to train and can be supplemented with healthy and delicious snacks. If you can’t pick one, see the blue article below.Related article: How to Choose dog Snacks?Tell you what he thinks when he licks you, he may want to say that he is hungry and wants to go out to play, etc. If he is hungry, he licks you, with a little spoiled, afraid that he will yell at you and frighten you.The owner should check to see if there is any leftover food in the dog bowl. If not, refill it for the child.One of the most important parts of keeping a dog is the diet, the dog can not leave the dog food three meals a day, nutrition intake can be said to be pointing to the dog food, the owner may be free to arrange for it to other meat ah, vegetables and fruits, not the owner had better choose a balanced diet.But how should we choose such treats for our dogs?Believe is a lot of pet owners are confused, it doesn’t matter, click into the blue article below to understand.Related article: How to Choose Good Dog Food for Your Dog?Epilogue: Would you let your dog lick you now?