Gu Ailing is what cool wenda heroine ah!I can’t believe she’s only 19

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The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games is in full swing. Among countless Olympic athletes, gu Ailing, a 19-year-old girl from China, has shocked me the most. She has refreshed my perception of beauty again and again.In order to get closer to her idol, I went through all her interview clips, among which the most impressive one is that she said beauty is not equal to thin, beauty is very diverse, it gathers confidence, strength and health.In fact, I quite agree with this statement, if for the sake of beauty, has gone to the point of unhealthy diet, it is difficult to prove that thin is beautiful.She challenged the limit to complete the difficulty of 1620 and stood on the top podium. She really had a sense of both fiction and reality. I can’t believe that this world champion is only 19 years old.Gu Ayling because of the wide range of interests and hobbies, in a few years ago has become quite famous sports stars, and the entertainment industry top flow with the frame of her not cowardly, from this photo and Liu Haoran can be seen, she is even younger than Hao Ran brother have a sense of mirror, big female aura people can not move their eyes.In addition, she also co-shot the Olympic propaganda film with Qianxi brother, and co-shot the magazine with Huang Jue, who played the bus driver in the Beginning. For a young age, her resume has impressed me greatly!When it comes to Gu Ailing, many people will certainly compare her with themselves. At the age of 19, Gu Ailing is either breaking through herself or on the way to breaking through limits. In contrast, when she is 19, she is either lying in bed playing with her mobile phone or going out to eat and drink.Gu Ailing in lens can give a person a kind of very strong appreciate a feeling, domineering attitude simply do not accord with the setting of great woman.Gu is also admired for her focus and execution. She can sleep for 10 hours a day, exercise and study at the same time, and has strong self-restraint.Sitting in front of the computer and studying carefully, she was as quiet as a virgin. She was so focused that she dared not speak loudly across the screen. Standing in the snow field with her equipment, she moved like a rabbit, and her professional movements were amazing.There is another thing that makes me admire Gu Ailing, she is not dead to study, she also loves beauty in the flower age, often dress up very fashionable, even if she just sits in front of the desk to study, she will dress up quite a sense of ceremony.White shirt with small fragrant vest, simple and delicate and western style, and other people are different, she will wear a lot of exquisite jewelry, bracelet ring in her here is never “forbidden goods”.Gu has a perfect figure and shape, so when she is ready to go out, she gives people the impression of a female star.In the scene, she chose the most simple and avant-garde checkerboard extra set. She wore a black hoodie with a half-zipper collar, which was delicate and sophisticated, and wore pure black slim straight pants, which could not only show her long legs but also enhance the overall style, showing a strong sense of existence.Gu Ailing wears not only one style, but also many casual clothes in daily life. This style is representative.Black round neck sweater with black silhouette waistcoat, casual and comfortable at the same time very dashing, with pure white banked leg sweatpants, in order to increase fashion, she deliberately chose a design with black print pattern, breaking the conventional invisible sweatpants, both sense of existence and recognition.Gu Ailing dressed without 19 years old “conscious”, eager to experience mature women dressed happy she will occasionally choose black leather clothes with black suit pants, low collar + outside the design of the belt outline a perfect body shape, simple but elegant black suit, let her second change domagic goddess, powerful aura.Standing in the fashionable city of light and wine, people will still unconsciously put the eyes of appreciation on her body, go anywhere can earn enough heads.Gu Ailing chooses tight jacket of small sweet wind to match color printing money straight tube 9 minutes pants this time, able and domagic, good figure take in everything in a glance.And full-time female stars, Gu Ailing’s clothes will never be sloppy, although occasionally try recreational single product, but also point to the point.If you’re not brave enough to pull off high-waisted, floor-length, wide-legged pants, it doesn’t hurt to opt for skinny straight pants.I am build build, if you have confusion, can private letter I oh, also welcome message discussion!Follow build build learn to wear build, we become more excellent and more beautiful person together!Statement: editor millet, original text, picture source network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete, thank you!